These mesmerising beauty videos will make lipstick mixing your new obsession

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Elena Chabo
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Selfridges and Estee Lauder offer Custom Lipstick mixing like Instagram Star Emily Dougherty

Selfridges is bringing lipstick smashing off our Instagram feeds and into their stores

Estée Lauder and Selfridges have partnered to offer the most satisfying shopping experience of your makeup life. 

That’s right: for the next eight weeks, shoppers at their London and Trafford stores will be able to watch in delight as perfectly-formed bullets of lipstick they pick out are popped into a pot and then crushed, mashed and whisked into the perfect shade.

If you’ve ever found yourself gazing transfixed at videos of perfect blocks of butter being crushed or crayons being mercilessly sliced like carrots, then this one is for you. If you have no idea what we’re on about… we apologise in advance. They’re highly addictive.

Of course, lipstick mixing is not new: indeed, beauty editor Emily Dougherty left viewers appalled and delighted when she began posting videos of her shade creations on Instagram, reaching out to make-up artists for their secret recipes and increasing her following threefold in three weeks. And, ever since she posted her first mixing video in August 2017, tens of thousands of followers have tuned in religiously to watch as she slices, chops and ‘smooshes’ pristine lipsticks with knives and spatulas. 

Check it out:

The sight of a lipstick on a chopping board has become common place on Instagram feeds. Beyond being a genius way to recycle those not-quite-right purchases, the videos themselves stirred something in viewers and watching lipstick being decimated became a legitimate past time.

For those who want to mash up a shade of their own but aren’t ready to start chopping up their makeup bag, Selfridges’ new offering could be your answer. Unlike a DIY attempt, your custom colour will also be swirled, poured and set into beautiful new bullets; each lipstick coming with two refills.

If the £81 price tag puts you off, or both Manchester and London are miles away, don’t despair. There’s always the videos. The very very satisfying videos. 

The service runs until 12 Nov in Selfridges London and Selfridges Trafford by appointment only. Bookings can be made here for the one hour session.