This brand is launching a designated unisex lipstick

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Jo Hoare
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Now it could be argued that pretty much all lipsticks are ‘unisex’, after all men aren’t turned away from makeup counters, and we’re pretty used to the idea of people expressing themselves however they want with beauty regardless of gender, so do we need a specifically titled lipstick? 

Lipstick Queen’s Girls Will Be Boys lipstick attracted a lot of attention when it launched in the U.S, now it’s on its way to our shores here’s our verdict. 

What is it?

It’s an at first sight industrial looking grey that like Lipstick Queen’s previous innovations (hands up who remembers the green,blue and yellow lipsticks?) transforms colour once it hits your mouth. This time it gives a natural, kind of your- lips- but- better shade, or a ‘just-kissed’ tone when applied. 

What’s it like?

We found that the suede-esque finish worked well on a range of skin tones especially on those of us on the Stylist beauty team who normally find mattes a little chalky. While the moisturising formula, packed with vitamin E, shea butter and mango butter feels comfortable and hydrating to wear all day. 

What makes it ‘unisex’?

This is where we get a little lost. It’s a nice lipstick for everyday, the texture is forgiving on winter raddled lips and you can definitely apply minus a mirror without worrying you’ve given yourself clown mouth but how that sets it apart from other natural nudes we’re not sure. They say the shape of the bullet is designed to fit the lips of both men and women but who doesn’t wear their lipstick down to their personal shape within a day or two?

Launches February at Space.NK £22