We tested the budget foundation that make-up artists are obsessing over

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Lucy Partington

We spotted this foundation backstage at Paris Fashion Week. Here’s everything you need to know - including how Stylist’s beauty editor got on when she tried it

It’s no secret that brands often trial – and showcase – new product launches backstage at fashion week and this season was no different. The thing that kept catching my eye? L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear foundation, £10.99.

I spotted it being used by make-up extraordinaire Val Garland and her teams backstage at Isabel Marant, Off-White, Balmain and Elie Saab to name just a few shows. I managed to get my hands on a sample a month before its UK launch - and it’s safe to say it’s quickly become a new favourite. 

L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear foundation backstage at Paris Fashion Week

Speaking exclusively to, Garland said, “I’ve been working with lots of different make-up artists – including Instagram and TV make-up artists and drag queens – and this foundation just doesn’t move. It doesn’t require touch-ups and it doesn’t look heavy or too much.”

She added, “I’ve always avoided using using long wear, full coverage foundations because they look too thick. This one goes on seamlessly regardless of whether you’re using fingers or a brush.”

And I concur: I’ve been using it every day for a week and I love it. It blends seamlessly - it does have to be buffed in quite fast because it dries quickly, but once it’s on it’s not going anywhere. Which is good, considering L’Oréal Paris claim its their longest wearing foundation ever. It also somehow manages to be lightweight on skin, I couldn’t feel it at all, and it doesn’t require touch-ups throughout the day. I’ve even skipped wearing powder. 

Lucy after she’d just applied Infalliable Fresh Wear - and 14 hours later.

The thing I love most though is that, despite it being full coverage, it still has a glow to to it and it doesn’t completely mattify or take all the life out of my skin. It’s formulated with innovative, so-called ‘freshwear’ technology meaning it keeps skin feeling fresh (hence the name), doesn’t go cakey, won’t crease and won’t dry skin out. I truly love it - and it did last all day. My mascara might have been smudged over my face after a 14-hour day but my base was still firmly in tact. 

And, to be honest, if it’s good enough for Duckie, Cara Delevigne and Natasha Poly then, quite frankly, it’s good enough for me.

L’Oreal Paris Infalliable Fresh Glow Foundation, £10.99, is be available in 29 shades.

Main image: courtesy of L’Oreal Paris