The 9 products you need from the Lush Christmas 2017 collection

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Stop everything – the Lush Christmas collection has arrived.

Although it feels far too early to be talking about the most festive time of the year, we can’t but help be as excited as a child (or adult) on Christmas morning after seeing what new goodies the store has gotten ready for us. 

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, are stocking up on Xmas presents already or need something to fill your stockings, we’re confident there’s something here for you. To make it that little bit easier we’ve narrowed down the full collection (which is gloriously huge by the way) to our top picks, and given our reasons for loving each product. Just think of us as sort of a Christmas fairy godmother, here for all your merry pampering needs. 

Scroll through for festive characters, classic Christmas colour combos and LOTS of sparkles...

  • Santa Baby lip scrub

    Lush says: “Santa baby, slip a lip scrub under the tree, for me. Give the cola a whirl, Santa baby, Kiss me by the chimney tonight. Make your lips kissably soft again with scrubby caster sugar and jojoba oil.

    “Extra virgin coconut oil continues your sleigh ride to smoochable lips while lime oil lifts your spirits. A spicy drop of black pepper oil encourage a little warmth and tingle.”

    We say: Who can resist the delights of a lip scrub? Especially a seductively red, Christmas themed lip scrub which comes just in time for under the mistletoe antics. This one will be going on our wish list. 

    Buy it here; £5.95,

  • The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar

    Lush says: “Stir up a whole lot of Christmas magic with this warming cinnamon stick.

    “It's packed with more punchy cinnamon leaf than you could shake a stick at, and Fair Trade Organic clove to stimulate the skin and boost circulation. Treat Grinch-like moments by holding this spicy bubble wand under running water and slipping into a blanket of hot, almond bubbles.”

    We say: Who doesn’t want to own a glittering, golden wand that looks like it belongs to a Christmas fairy? We can’t fault the design, and can only imagine how many of these we’ll be buying as presents come 25 December. Better still, it’s reusable, so you’re definitely getting some bang for your buck. 

    Buy it here; £5.99,

  • Shades of Gold Frankincense & Myrrh lip block

    Lush says: “No matter what shade you're planning on throwing, make sure it shimmers and sparkles all night. Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh make pouts glisten and shine like the stars.

    “When you're getting ready to party, lead your style with this Kalahari melon and organic jojoba oil based lip block filled with soft lips and lustre like no other. Mix up your preferred shade on a brush or with a finger, glide onto lips and you're ready to strut your stuff.”

    We say: So much yes. Mixing sparkly golden lips with the heavenly scents of melon, rose and jojoba is a sure fire way to rein like the queen you are at the Christmas party. Your office eye-candy won’t know what’s bloody hit them. 

    Buy it here; £12.50,

  • Twilight sparkle jar

    Lush says: “Not all that glitters is gold. Well, not just gold. Sometimes it's lavender and tonka too. Massage this dreamily scented cocoa butter bar over warm skin for heavenly hydration.

    “Press something pointy into the dimples and shake out the glimmering powder to help you get sleepy. Ylang ylang brings sweet dreams and golden lustres add a bit of sparkle to your slumber party.”

    We say: Soothing sleep-inducing products have been all the rage recently, so this beautiful addition to the Lush Christmas collection is sure to be a hit. We love that this moon shaped massage bar gives your skin a sparkly tint, and the lilac colour sets it apart from the festive golds and reds that appear in the rest of the range. 

    Buy it here; £6.95,

  • Bucks Fizz body conditioner

    Lush says: “A bucks fizz breakfast boost packed full of organic jojoba and Kalahari melon oils. Uplifting Brazillian orange oil and pink grapefruit decoction help your morning go off with a bang, or should that be pop?”

    We say: Christmas is a time of celebration, so, if you’re not a fan of festive novelty, then this is a gorgeous alternative to all the Santas and snowmans in the collection.

    Buy it here; £8.95,

  • Candy Cane Roulade shower smoothie

    Lush says: “Go down through mountain passes, forest encroaching on every side, and enter into a candy cane clearing. The air is thick with fresh mint and your skin feels cool with the slightest hint of tingle.

    “Creamy Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, soya milk and almond oil are enveloped in paper made from fresh honeydew melon pulp. When you smooth a slice over skin, you’ll enjoy indulgent, softening washes. After you rinse off, rich, grounding scent of cedarwood and cypress will linger on.”

    We say: If you’re struggling to feel festive by December, add one of these to your bathing routine and we’re confident you’ll be oozing Christmassy joy in no time. The candy cane design has got us feeling nostalgic for the happiest time of the year already. 

    Buy it here; £8.34,

  • Man in the Moon bubble bar

    Lush says: “Fantastically phantasmagoric and wonderfully weird, you don't need a rocket to take a trip to the moon. Credits to lime and neroli oils for their outstanding contribution to lifting moods and chasing away the blues. Just crumble under running water and watch as the special effects of golden lustre swirl in the water as cocoa butter sets the scene for softer skin.

    “Olibanum oil gives the final cut of a grounded and calm state of mind. It's up, up and away in a rocket ship of citrus bliss.”

    We say: This cute little guy reminds us of the adorable John Lewis Christmas advert last year, which showed that lovely (albeit lonely) little man on the moon. And, with his cocoa scent and glitter-shedding tendencies, he’s the perfect bath time companion. 

    Buy it here; £5.95,

  • Santa's Jelly Belly

    Lush says: “Santa's chomped his way through a sled-load of tasty fireplace treats and now he's full of fresh apple juice!

    “Shake his belly like a bowl full of jelly and lather up with sweet and fruity bergamot oil, soothing rose absolute and uplifting neroli for indulgent cleansing. Carrageenan seaweed gives this rounded wobbler plenty of jiggle and softness for the gentlest festive washes.”

    We say: Delicious ingredients aside, this product gets added points for all of those golden sparkles!

    Buy it here; £4.75,

  • The Snowman bubbleroon

    Lush says: “A summer breeze blows away a winter storm, find out what happens to solid bubble bath when it gets warm. Winter's a good time to stay in for cuddles, so crumble into running water and soak in the bubbles. The sky will be blue, Sicilian lemon oil too…

    “Just imagine how much smoother you'll be in summer! Sicilian lemon and lemon myrtle oils make bathtime olaf as it lifts your spirits and whisks you back to summer days. Silky cocoa and Fair Trade shea butters keep your skin smooth and moisturised as soya milk powder softens the water. Banish the winter weather and float away on summer scented clouds.”

    We say: Who could resist this snowman’s sweet and slightly crumbled face? Not us that’s for sure! Undeniably Christmassy, The Snowman makes a lovely pampering pal for the winter months – and we love the sound of that zingy Sicilian lemon, too.

    Buy it here; £4.25,


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