Why everyone is talking about Lush’s new ‘egg’ foundations

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Viola Levy
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This might be the strangest looking foundation we’ve ever beheld…

Say hello to Lush’s forthcoming Slap Stick (geddit?), a stick foundation in the shape of an egg. And its unique appeal doesn’t stop there: each ‘egg’ comes encased in stamped wax, which you have to carefully peel off in order to get at what’s inside.

So far, so Game of Thrones  but there’s method to the oddness: the unusual packaging is minimalist and eco-friendly, as opposed to using excessive plastic, which many brands are guilty of. 

Continuing this theme of sustainability, Lush has also provided a storage box made from recycled and recyclable cardboard to house your foundation in-between uses (the only downside being that it’s probably just a little too bulky to tote around in your make-up bag).

And the plus points don’t stop there, either.

For starters, Slap Stick is available in 40 shades in warm, cool and neutral undertones: indeed, those who are London-based can pop into the Lush Studio in Soho from 26 June to be shade matched before the official launch on 29 June. Each ‘egg’  is also packed with a skin loving ingredients – notably 45% Indonesian coconut oil, and Moroccan argan oil to deliver a hefty hydration hit, with natural waxes ensuring the colour stays true.

The foundations have a charitable element, too, with 10% of profits go towards funding literacy classes on the island of Nias, Indonesia. And, best of all, they’re 100% vegan, so animal lovers won’t miss out.

The handy ‘egg’ formulation means that a little of this stuff goes a long way, with serious pigment payoff that gives medium coverage. This makes it ideal for disguising moderate blemishes and pigmentation, while still looking fairly natural. You can apply directly – the egg shape allows you to reach all those nooks and crannies – or use a brush or fingertips.

The only bad news is that these foundations are a seriously limited edition – available for just one month, you can pick yours up online from Lush Labs on 29 June for £16.95. If you can get yourself down to Soho beforehand to find your shade match, we think they’re definitely worth a punt.

Images: Lush Press Office