7 spooky Lush Halloween products you won't be able to resist

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Double, double toil and bath bubble, the 2017 Lush Halloween collection has launched and it’s definitely more ooh, than boo. 

The changing of the seasons is an exciting time. Leaves are turning golden and the evenings are getting colder, which is the perfect excuse to indulge in a gorgeous array of sweet-smelling bath bombs and take to the tub to get warm. But what’s even more exciting, is that to celebrate Halloween and all the dressing up that comes with it, the vegan-friendly cosmetics store has released a whole line of products covered in gothy glitter and spooky sparkles. 

Pick from frothy bath bombs, shimmering body bars and gleaming lip tints – all Halloween themed. But don’t worry, we promise they’ll be leaving you scented and not scary. 

Simply scroll through to start shopping.

  • Pink pumpkin bubble bar

    Lush says: “Get pretty in pink and make them all wink with geranium and bergamot oils. Simply crumble under running water for a cloak of uplifting bubbles.

    There's no need to leave a shoe behind; a sprinkling of lustre and sultry jasmine absolute will ensure your prince charming treats you to a happy ending.”

    We say: October, and specifically Halloween, are known as prime times for pumpkin fun, but this ingenious little bubble bar shows us that even the classically orange vegetable isn’t safe from a millennial pink makeover – and we like it!

    Buy it here: £4.25,

  • Lord of Misrule bath bomb

    Lush says: “Revel in your bath with this mischievous bomb that features a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. Inspired by the ruler of the pagan Feast of Fools, Lord Of Misrule has a deep green exterior that slowly froths away to reveal a rich, wine-coloured centre.

    Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine starts to flow, the popping candy crackles and the festivities begin...”

    We say: One of the things we love most about Lush is their imaginative attitude to all of their products, and this colour-changing bath bomb is no exception. 

    Buy it here: £3.95,

  • Pumpkin bath bomb

    Lush says: “Serve yourself up a slab of sweet pumpkin pie, dripping in spice and sauciness - it's even more satisfying in bath bomb form.

    Sweet, comforting vanilla absolute and spicy cinammon evoke the rich, biscuity fragrance of home-baking and stacked desserts, ensuring that you feel toasty from top to toe. A soak with this pumpkin-shaped bomb is more satisfying than a belly full of pudding.”

    We say: Forgive his rather scary looking appearance (well, it is a Halloween collection), as Lush says, this guy’s actually pretty sweet. Once dissolved into your bath, you’ll be hit right in the nostrils with the delicious smell of homemade pie, laden with notes of vanilla. What could be better?

    Buy it here: £4.25,

  • Black Rose naked lip tint

    Lush says: ”Whether you're a badass biker chick or a retro rockabilly, make sure you have the perfect pout. Kalahari melon and organic jojoba oils keep lips moisturised and super soft.

    Spread a little love with Sicilian mandarin and ylang ylang oils and slay all day with long lasting magenta lips. For those who like to go naked, this packaging free tint is the one for you.”

    We say: Just one swipe of this Black Rose lip tint and we reckon you’ll be feeling devilishly seductive. We love that it not only softens and moisturises our smackers, but makes them shiny and pink-hued too.

    Buy it here: £6.25,

  • Bewitched bubble bar

    Lush says: “After a busy day whizzing around on a broomstick, ground yourself with olibanum and be spellbound by bergamot. Twitch your nose and breathe in this familiar blackberry scent. Whether in this life or one of the other eight, you'd be a fool to let this pass you by!”

    We say: Treat yourself to a Bewitched bubble bar and you’ll be channeling Sabrina the Teenage Witch in no time. In fact, we suggest popping on some old episodes while having a soak in the tub, and letting the teen nostalgia wash over you. 

    Buy it here: £4.15,

  • Goth Fairy shimmer bar

    Lush says: “A multitude of iridescent lustres - gold, green, purple and silver - are packed tightly into this bar to adorn skin in shimmer from the first stroke. As illipe and cupuaçu butters gently melt over the body, they soften skin and leave the ecstatically fruity scent of almond, grapefruit and bergamot.

    Pick it up before a big night out and dance on into the small hours. The ethereal glow of your body might look too magical to be of this world... and perhaps it is.”

    We say: Halloween is the one time of the year that you can go totally crazy with fancy dress, test out your best DIY costume making skills and douse yourself in glitter. We suggest starting from the moment you get out of the shower for a truly magical look on 31 October, and rubbing this shimmer bar all over your skin for a spooky yet alluring glow. 

    Buy it here: £5.95,

  • Monsters' Ball bath bomb

    Lush says: “Eye spy with this little eye something beginning with BOO! This monster mash-up of lime and neroli oils is a sure fire way to get the party started. Toss into a hot bath and watch it go. Olibanum oil relaxes and leaves you feelin’ Franken-fine all night long.”

    We say: This gloriously ghoulish bath bomb looks like the love child of Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc, which makes us love it even more. The sweet and woody scents of olibanum oil will leave you smelling good enough to eat.

    Buy it here: £4.50,


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