This is every single product in the Lush Halloween collection

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There’s everything from pumpkin spice lib scrub to actual shower slime in Lush’s 2019 Halloween collection.

If there’s one ‘official’ holiday that we have to get through before we start talking about Christmas (beauty advent calendars aside, obviously), it’s Halloween.

Over the last few years it’s become even bigger and better than ever before, especially here in the UK. That means more brands are jumping on the trend too, and along with Colin the Caterpillar’s gory makeover, firm favourite Lush is – as ever – going all in.

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From pumpkin spice lip scrubs to a whole range of bath bombs, there’s even shower slime in the mix, too - Lush really has thought of everything.

Here’s everything you can get your hands on from the range, so even if you’re planning to turn your lights off and pretend you’re not home to avoid trick or treaters, at least you can have an fright night-inspired bath, instead. 

Lush Halloween collection 2019

  • Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

    Lush sparkly pumpkin bubble bar

    Juniperberry and grapefruit make this the perfect pre-Halloween party companion. Lime oil and shimmery pumpkin is guaranteed to help get you in the mood, too. 

    Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, £4.95

  • Lush Punkin Pumpkin bath bomb

    Lush punkin pumpkin bath bomb

    Packed with citrus oil and warm cinnamon, this little fella will turn your water a bright shade of orange while softening your skin.

    Lush Punkin Pumpkin bath bomb, £4.95

  • Lush Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub

    Lush pumpkin spice lip scrub

    Arguably the best product in the collection, this mix of clove bud oil, ginger oleoresin and cinnamon powder help slough away any dead skin on lips, while pumpkin butter and jojoba oil soften and soothe. 

    Lush Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub, £6.50

  • Lush Monster’s Ball bath bomb

    Lush monsters ball bath bomb

    A singular monster’s eye that looks scarier than it smells thanks to zesty neroli and soothing olibanum oil. It’s packed with Himalayn salt and lime oil, too. 

    Lush Monster’s Ball bath bomb, £5.50
  • Lush Mercury Retreograde bath bomb

    Lush mercury retrograde bath bomb

    Mercury goes into retrograde (yep, again) on Halloween right until November 20, so use this bath bomb as an excuse to perk yourself up if things aren’t quite going right for you.

    Lush Mercury Retrograde bath bomb, £4.95

  • Lush Lord of Misrule bath bomb

    Lush Lord Misrule bath bomb

    A spicy, herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil, it’s inspired by the ruler of the pagen Feast of Fools.

    Lush Lord of Misrule bath bomb, £4.50

  • Lush Glow Worm Fun

    Lush Glow Worm fun

    A multi-purpose, lemongrass, rosewood and bergamot leaves your skin as happy as your mood.

    Lush Glow Worm Fun, £4.95

  • Lush Ghost in the Dark soap

    Lush ghost in the dark soap

    Lemongrass and bergamot oil foam up into a deliciously-scent lather.

    Lush Ghost in the Dark soap, £6

  • Lush Boo! Shower Slime

    Lush shower slime

    Enriched with cornflower to soften skin and the buffing power of bamboo stem extract, this stuff will soften and moisturise skin. Less scary than it looks, we promise.

    Lush Boo! Shower Slime, £12

  • Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar

    Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar

    Inspired, we imagine, by Sabrina’s cat Salem, you can crumble this little under water and be uplifted with an uplifting combination of bergamot oil and blackberry.

    Lush Bewitched Bubble Bar, £5.50

Images: courtesy of Lush


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