Lush staff hit back at viral tweet with hilarious video

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We’ve all seen it. Arguably one of the funniest viral videos currently doing the rounds online, in which a hyped group of kids from a 1980s TV show enthusiastically introduce themselves.

You know it? You’ve tagged friends in it? You’ve likened it to the day you started a new job? Great, we’re all on the same hilarious page.

You may also have seen, then, an equally viral tweet which likened the video to being greeted at a Lush store.

Taking aim at the beauty brand’s particularly energised approach to customer service, the tweet has resonated with fans around the world, amassing over 29,000 likes and being shared over 18,000 times.

You can watch it here, if you need to catch up.

Obviously, the folks at Lush caught wind of the joke, and in what we can safely call a genius PR move, staff at London’s Oxford Street store decided to hit back in their own special way.

Cue a total recreation of the original video, which is actually a clip from eighties TV series Emu's Pink Windmill, with dancing included.

From Katrina and Hugh right through to Anthony and Emma, members of staff all channelled the unbridled introductory joy of their 80s counterparts, and it’s safe to say, the Internet loved it.

Lush’s tweet has racked up almost 24,000 likes in just three days, almost matching the reach of the original post.

In another twist, 2016’s ‘Debbie’ is also earning a special mention, earning her very own fan club of thrilled Twitter users.

“Debbie is my spirit animal”, writes one fan of the remake, while another adds; “This is the best piece of marketing I've seen all year, who ever thought of this deserves a pay rise.”

The fandom is still spreading fast, as you can see from a pick of our favourite reactions below, with Lush quite clearly winning this round of ‘Internet versus...’.



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