15 life-saving Lush products to help you sleep, soothe anxiety and de-stress

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Lush products to help you sleep

Struggling to switch off or get a good night’s kip? These soothing Lush products designed to help you sleep are full of soothing ingredients. 

For many of us, the pressures of trying to ‘have it all’ can leave us feeling tired, anxious or stressed.

At times like these, little rituals (like running a warm bubble bath or listening to calming music) can help to make a bad day feel slightly brighter, something which Lush knows all too well. But now, in a bid to help you unwind properly, they’ve released a range of handmade cosmetics specifically designed to uplift, relax, and bliss you out.

We reached out to the team at Lush and asked them to share their absolute must-haves for de-stressing after a long day – and they certainly came up trumps.

Think sumptuous scents like calming lavender, anxiety-soothing bergamot and mind-clearing ylang ylang. And, because this is Lush we’re talking about, we get style and substance in equal measures – after all, sparkly bath water is a surefire way to put a smile back on our faces, right?

So check out our run down of the best Lush products to help you sleep and reduce stress, from massage bars to body lotion, and put your feet up. 

Happy Thoughts bath oil

How do I use it? Bring in the bath with you and watch the water turn tangerine. 

What’s in it? Uplifting and rejuvenatine tangerine oil, bergamot oil, gardenia extract.

What do the reviews say? “I had to grab one and I’m so so pleased I did because I’ve never had a nicer bath! Afterwards I felt awake, uplifted and my skin felt soft and smooth.”

How much is it? £5.25

Self Esteem Machine body spray 

How do I use it? Spray yourself all over for an upbeat, mood-rising scent. 

What’s in it? Uplifting and refreshing grapefruit oil, sicilian red mandarin oil, vanilla absolute.

What do the reviews say? “It smells of sunshine and happiness! So fruity and last for so long. One spray on my jumper and I’ve been smelling it all day.”

How much is it? £29

The Comforter bubble bar

How do I use it? Crumble half a bar under your tap to make enough bubbles for a long, comforting soak.

What’s in it? Uplifting and sunny bergamot oil and soothing and detoxifying cypress oil.

What do the reviews say? “This indulgent and creamy bar makes a perfect end to the day, soak yourself in the foamy pink bubbles and enjoy the gorgeous berry smells that have filled the room.”

How much is it? £5.25

Sleepy Face naked cleansing balm 

How do I use it? Apply Sleepy Face cleansing balm straight to the skin, massage in and wipe clean with damp cotton wool or a face cloth for a soothing pre-bed pamper.

What’s in it? Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, balancing jojoba oil, gentle almond oil, calming French lavender and oat milk. 

What do the reviews say? “I am so amazed by this it has a real calming lavender scent and just makes you and your skin feel calm it makes your skin feel so good after.”

How much is it? £4.95

The Big Sleep jelly bomb

How do I use it? Relax in the bath, pop The Big Sleep into the water and soak under the skin softening jelly blanket.

What’s in it? Balancing and calming lavender oil, uplifting and toning neroli oil, softening sodium alginate, relaxing chamomile powder.

What do the reviews say? “The lavender smell is extremely relaxing and the jelly really helps soften and moisturise my skin - I even use small amounts of the jelly on dry spots on my face!”

How much is it? £5.25

Sleepy shower gel

How do I use it? Slather Sleepy shower gel on in a shower before bed and let this softening wash soothe you.

What’s in it? Soothing oat milk, calming lavender oil, sweetly scented tonka absolute, protective benzoin resinoid.

What do the reviews say? “I use the sleepy moisturizer afterwards then a spritz of twilight body spray just before bed, definitely makes you feel relaxed. I’ve never slept better!”

How much is it? £11.95

Golden Slumbers bath bomb 

How do I use it? Pop a Golden Slumbers bath bomb in your bath and the calming oils will calm restless minds and send you on your way to heavenly sleep - once you’ve got out, of course.

What’s in it? Lavender oil, lavender absolute, chamomile oil and neroli.

What do the reviews say? “This bomb knocked me straight out for the night and I am a chronic insomniac. I bought this for the fragrance, I didn’t give a thought to the name or the oils possibly helping me sleep but wow, I will certainly pay more attention to the properties of the ingredients from now on!”

How much is it? £3.95

Twilight body spray

How do I use it? Spray Twilight body spray on your skin or on your bed sheets to feel soothed to sleep by its calming scent.

What’s in it? Lavender and tonka instills a sense of calm, while beguiling and sultry ylang ylang adds enticing, floral undertones.

What do the reviews say? “Amazing relaxing scent, great for bed (especially if you are a hard sleeper!)”

How much is it? £20

Sleep body lotion 

How do I use it? Rub this super softening Sleepy body lotion into skin before bed and feel comforted its the rich, malty and floral perfume.

What’s in it? Gentle oatmeal infusion, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, calming lavender flower and comfortingly sweet tonka absolute.

What do the reviews say? “I absolutely swear by this at bedtime. I apply it on my arms and chest after I brush my teeth. Feels silky smooth and smells utterly gorgeous. Smells like bedtime now! My hubby uses it too!”

How much is it? £15.95

A French Kiss bubble bar

How do I use it? Crumble A French Kiss bubble bar under running water for a relaxing bath full of the lavender and rosemary scents of Southern France.

What’s in it? A beautifully perfumed lavender sprig, soothing lavender absolute, antiseptic thyme oil, softening and soothing extra virgin coconut oil.

What do the reviews say? “Fell in love with the relaxing aroma of this bubble bar; my water turned a pale purpley colour and the whole bathroom smelt like fresh lavender, but not too strongly. This was definitely a perfect self-treat.”

How much is it? £4.75

Therapy massage bar 

How do I use it? Massage this Therapy massage bar into skin (or find a willing volunteer to help) and clear your mind to truly unwind. 

What’s in it? Organic lavender oil balances the skin and relaxes the mind. Neroli oil has been shown to increase serotonin levels in the brain and improves the tone and texture of the skin whilst sweet wild orange oil lifts the mood.

What do the reviews say? “Love everything about this - it’s uplifting, softening, smells amazing, and for me has helped with scarring.”

How much is it? £6.95

Dreamtime bath oil

How do I use it? Drop Dreamtime bath oil into your bath and let it melt away your stresses. 

What’s in it? Refreshing ginger oil, softening and conditioning Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, floral jasmine absolute. 

What do the reviews say? “Love the scent of this to help me totally relax and to help me get a good nights sleep, added to my bubble bath for a indulgent bath before bedtime.”

How much is it? £3.50

Deep Sleep shower jelly 

How do I use it? Lather up Deep Sleep shower jelly in the shower and wave goodbye to the day in anticipation of content and soothing dreams.

What’s in it? Cleansing organic orange juice, calming lavender and chamomile oils lay worries to rest and cheerful neroli keeps dreams happy and peaceful.

What do the reviews say? “Very relaxing and soothing scent that sinks in nicely and leaves my skin very soft and hydrated.”

How much is it? £8.95

Zen soap 

How do I use it? Not to be reserved for the side of your sink, bring this baby into the bath and use Zen soap as an all over body cleanser. 

What’s in it? Meditative oudh, sandalwood and patchouli with difficult to find, dark, woody oudh oil and spicy patchouli.

What do the reviews say? “Woody, earthy goodness! I absolutely adore this soap. To me it smells like a mix between forest and frankincense. It’s rather cleansing but I don’t mind during hot spells. Also, the glitter doesn’t transfer onto my skin which is always a plus!”

How much is it? £10.20

Lavender Vida Loca soap

How do I use it? Take a candle it bath and invite Lavender Vida Loca soap in for a soak. 

What’s in it? Calming chamomile blue oil, soothing lavender infusion and French lavender oil help to ease your mood every day and night.

What do the reviews day? “If you are looking for a calming relaxing soak in the bath, this is a must have! The smell of lavender is so unwinding and you can feel the smell melt away the stresses of the day!”

How much is it? £5.70

Images: Instagram / Dennis Pedersen 


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