Lush’s cruelty-free make-up brushes are a vegan’s dream come true

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Hanna Ibraheem

The brand, which is a pioneer in sustainable beauty, is making the contents of your make-up bag a lot more eco-friendly. Here’s what you need to know.

For years, Lush has been an industry leader for sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products.

A lot of its products are packaging-free, it has opened ’naked’ waste-free shops in Milan and Liverpool and even its latest fragrance, inspired by Ariana Grande, includes ingredients that support female empowerment and social support.

Now, the beauty brand has announced the next move it has taken in a step towards kind beauty: vegan and 100% cruelty-free make-up brushes.


The collection includes 11 brushes, all of which are made from recyclable aluminium and biodegradable, sustainably sourced wood. Lush also used vegan glue to secure the brush hairs.

But that’s not all. The range was designed by Lush make-up artist Megan Edwards, who made sure the brush tips were perfectly shaped and curved by hand.

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“We tried and tested an array of different brushes and synthetic fibres until we had a perfect collection. We’re confident the range of brushes will deliver professional results,” she said, “They’re easy to use and they have a luxurious, premium feel.”

Each brush has been created with a specific purpose. Here’s the full run down, but head’s up, you might be tempted to snag the whole set…


Fresh Faced: This flat foundation brush is densely packed for a seamless finish.


Glow to Town: The flame-shaped head was created for targeted highlighter application.


Hey Big Blender: The synthetic bristles are gentle on the eyes - ideal for blending a smokey eye.


Wing It: Achieve a sharp winged flick with this angled brush.


To The Point: Compact in shape, this brush lets you get your concealer right up to your under eyes.


Pucker: This lip brush is great for lipstick touch-ups on-the-go. Plus, it has a lid to keep it clean in your handbag.

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U-N-I Brow: A spoolie on one end and an angled brush on the other, this double-ended tool is the secret to groomed eyebrows.


Get In There: Whether you want to tight-line, smudge or create a tiny flick; this tiny brush does it all.


Cheek To Cheek: This multipurpose brush perfectly applies blush, bronzer and powder. It’s a make-up essential.

Images: Courtesy of Lush Cosmetics


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