5 make-up artists share their best beauty tips

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Makeup brush with makeup on it

Ever wondered what tricks professional make-up artists have up their sleeves? We found out…

By the time you’re an official, fully fledged adult, you’re probably well set in your ways when it comes to your make-up habits.

But if you’ve ever had the nagging feeling you’re missing a trick when it comes to getting the finish you’re looking for, you’re not alone.

To top up on our beauty wisdom, we grilled the professionals and rounded up their best make-up tips.

  • 1. Get a grip

    A smear of black mascara on a brush

    When applying mascara, most of us don’t tend to think too much about how you physically hold the wand. 

    However, according to Eleni Liatsou, the key to good peepers is all in your grip.

    “Adapt how you hold your mascara wand depending on how you want your lashes to look,” she says.

    “Hold it horizontally for thicker lashes, vertically to coat each lash for a more natural finish, and wiggle it from lash line to ends to help hold curl.”

  • 2. Finesse your foundation

    Still life of broken powder palette with black and bronze makeup set, in soft light.

    If you’re still clueless about whether you’re best off using your fingers, a flat brush or one of those big fluffy brushes for your foundation, the answer lies in the kind of finish you’re looking for. 

    “People don’t realise the finish of your foundation is as dependent on the brush you’re using as the formula of your foundation,” says Adeola Gboyega.

    “A flat brush will give you a more glam, full-coverage finish, while a rounded brush used to buff your foundation in will give a more natural finish.”

    Now you’ve got your technique nailed, you’ll need a formula that blends well.

    Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 is your guy, as the true-to-skin pigments match your tone while helping you out with full coverage that’s still breathable.

  • 3. Brow up

    Cosmetic brown eye brow pencil with empty space on pink background.

    Eyebrows are one of those things that seem pretty insignificant until you go wrong and realise how much they change your face.

    According to Zara Findlay, getting your brows right is all about getting your proportions right.

    “When it comes to your brows, use a pencil as your guide to where they should begin, arch and end,” she says. 

    “Line the brush upright against your nose for the beginning (they should line up with your nostrils), 45 degrees is the arch and the end of your brow should be a direct diagonal line to the edge of your nostrils or the edge of your eye. 

    As you line up the pencil, pull it down to leave a mark for you to follow.  ”

  • 4. Mirror, mirror

    If you’ve ever tried to get your winged eyeliner super-precise, you’ll know it requires some kind of manipulation of your eyelid. 

    Or does it?

    “If you want to get your eye make-up right without having to pull your lid in all directions, the key is where you hold your mirror as you apply,” says Aimée Morrison.

    “If you’re applying liner or shadow, angle the mirror near your chin and look down into it – this will stretch your lid for you. 

    “If you want to apply mascara or liner to your lower lid, angle the mirror upwards and you’ll avoid any smudges.”

  • 5. Balance your bronzer

    Still life setup of three crushed bronze eye shadow pods on a dry powdery surface

    If you’re not sure which shade of bronzer will give your skin some warmth, help is at hand.

    “When choosing bronzers, the best way to find the perfect shade and depth for you is to check the bronzer shade against your décolletage area,” explains Lampros Faslis

    “Choose the shade closer to your colour and slightly deeper. 

    “If you want to tone down or alter your natural tanning colour, go for the opposite shade.

    “For example, choose a more yellow toned bronzer if your natural tanning appears very red or pink.”

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