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This is the brown liner and mascara combination guaranteed to make any eye colour pop

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Here’s why you should be mainlining this combination this autumn…

Until a couple of months ago, I never understood the appeal of brown mascara. It was always something I’d be annoyed about if I accidentally picked it up instead of my usual intense black shades. I guess in some ways that’s just what we’re taught; black mascara is more commonplace, and in my experience, brown mascara never seemed to give my lashes as much definition as I thought they needed.

Then when a beauty journalist friend uploaded a video to TikTokthat’s since garnered over 2.3m views – telling everyone to switch from black mascara to brown, I listened. Not only is it much more flattering against my hazel eyes, and while it does in fact add definition, it’s also perfect for when I don’t want to wear such obvious make-up, or when I don’t want to make quite as much effort (which is more often than not these days). 

My brown mascara of choice is L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise Moonlight Noir Mascara Dark Brown, £11, because not only does it have serious staying power (seriously, this doesn’t move or smudge, and I’ve worn it on some of this year’s hottest days) but the colour is perfect. Intense while still looking natural – it’s a real winner.

Then, one day, I paired my new go-to brown mascara with my other new go-to: Makeup By Mario Master Pigment Pro Pencil in The Perfect Brown, £19. And let me tell you, there was never a truer word spoken because it really is the perfect brown. Scribbled into the waterline, it has the ability to take any eye make-up look from zero to hero in an instant; the gel-like nib is a blend of waxes making it easy to glide on and smudge out, and like the mascara, it doesn’t budge which is no mean feat for a product like this.

Pencils in the waterline don’t tend to last that long on me, probably for obvious reasons, but this one really does go the distance. I have no idea how Mario has created such magic, but when I tell you this pencil is next level, believe me. I’ve actually just bought myself a back-up because I can’t bear the thought of being without it.

brown liner and mascara combo
Lucy loves this brown mascara and liner duo

But what is it about this brown on brown combo that is just so wearable yet striking? “It’s enough to define the eye in a softer focus way than the starkness of black,” says make-up artist Lori Woodhouse. “Brown liner and brown mascara is a softer way to make your eyes pop. Brown as a warmer tone really helps to enhance eye colour – it’s a great way to create a multi-tonal look when it’s paired with other nudes,” she says.

And seriously, the amount of compliments I’ve had on any and all eye make-up that I’ve done using those two products is staggering. I urge you to try it because I guarantee you’ll be just as obsessed as I am. 

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