Best eyebrow pencils to fill in, shape and define your arches

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04 Mar 2021
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Eager to book in for a threading appointment? While salon appointments are currently out of the question, there’s a wide range of eyebrow pencils that will help you create defined arches at home. Here, we run through the best ones.

Eyebrows. Over the years, they’ve become an area of our make-up routines that we’re all paying more attention to – mostly because we’ve finally realised just how face-changing they can be. Now, with the arrival of face masks, there’s even more attention on our brows and how they frame our eyes.

In fact, analysts NPD reported that eye make-up took a large proportion of prestige cosmetic sales during lockdown, taking up 24% of the market. It also noted that eyebrow products, which were previously static for a while, rose in the markets during lockdown.


With the rise in interest around eyebrow products comes the invention of new and exciting formulas, from waxy pomades and glue-like brow setters to microblading-effect pens and unique brow combs. But one products that’ll always remain in our make-up routines is the humble eyebrow pencil.

These handy tools fill in sparse areas, define your brow shape and help to achieve an even finish on both sides. Here, we run through the best eyebrow products available.

Best eyebrow pencils to fill and shape your brows


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