Best eyelash curlers to lift, curl and enhance your natural lashes

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Eyelash curlers can often get a bad rap due to their intimidating appearance but they can make a big difference to your beauty look. Here, we answer your most-asked curler-related questions and round up the best ones on the high street.

Eyelash curlers. You either love them or are yet to discover the amazing benefits of them.

These handy tools have the ability to lift and curl your eyelashes in one simple clamp (bare with us). The result is longer, defined lashes that look great alone or help to give your mascara a real boost.

However, these contraptions are often missing from beauty kits as they can appear a bit… well, scary. Yes, they look like a mix between pliers and a torture device and you may have heard stories of pinched, sore skin but they’re completely safe when used properly and can make a big difference.

To help put your mind at ease, we asked Warren Dowdall, senior pro artist at Bobbi Brown, to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about eyelash curlers. 

And once you’re convinced (you will be), we’ve rounded up our picks of the best ones. From the most affordable to the one that makes it near-impossible to pinch your skin…

What effect does an eyelash curler have on lashes?

“A lash curler is your lashes’ best friend – especially if you have straighter lashes. It helps to add lift and curl at the root of the lashes and put them in the perfect position to maximise the impact of your mascara. This makes your eyes look bigger and more open.”

How can you avoid accidentally pinching your skin with an eyelash curler?

“Firstly, be sure the protective pads are in place along the curler itself and take your time. With the curler open, gradually move it up the lashes towards the root of the lash. Tilt the top of the curler down so it touches the lashes – this is your gauge and if you feel the top of the curler on your lid you’ve gone too far. You need the curler to get as close to the root as possible without touching any skin.”

Do you have any tips/tricks you rely on when using eyelash curlers?

“Take time to get your placement right especially if you’re not confident using a curler. Once you’re happy with your placement, clamp down gently for five to 10 seconds. Gradually move down the lashes, opening and closing the clamp as you go.

“Be mindful not to put too much pressure on your lashes as you want a curve, not a crimp. Take some extra time at the end to add an extra curl to the outer lashes to give some drama to your look.”

Should you heat your eyelash curlers before using them?

“You can – but not all the time. Lashes are hair and so applying heat constantly can cause them to lose moisture and dry out, which can cause breakage down the line.

“If you really need your curl to stay in place for a special occasion, use a blow dryer to heat the curler for a couple of seconds. Be careful and blow on the curler to cool it before applying to your lashes. If you do warm them up, give your lashes some TLC when you get back home and apply a little lip balm on them to add some moisture back in.”

Do you apply mascara before or after?

Mascara should be applied after you’ve curled your lashes. Otherwise you’ll risk getting your eyelashes caught or pulling them in the curler. Not to mention a clumpy and uneven finish to the mascara itself.”

Best eyelash curlers

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