Pretty Damn Good: the hydrating lip gloss make-up artist Hannah Martin always has in her kit

Welcome to Stylist’s Pretty Damn Good, a weekly series in which different women share the one product – across hair care, skincare, make-up, body and fragrance – that remains a forever staple in their beauty routines.

When it comes to some of our favourite beauty looks, a lot of them were created by Hannah Martin.

The make-up artist has created the beauty looks for three royal brides, including the weddings of the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Eugenie.

Alongside these beautiful bridal looks more, she has painted many famous faces, including Helen Mirren and Nadiya Hussain.

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Martin has over 15 years of experience under her belt, starting at beauty brand Bobbi Brown. From there, she climbed the ranks working as part of its Global Leadership Team and as Pro and Artistry Manager for the UK and Ireland. During her time at Bobbi Brown, Martin worked on countless beauty looks spanning from editorial shoots to catwalks.

Along the way, Martin has built a loyal following on social media, too. Her YouTube channel has amassed over four million views and she has over 106,000 followers on Instagram, who rely on the make-up artist for her tried and tested recommendations.

But when you’ve tried a hoard of cosmetics over the years, which one really stands out? Here, Martin shares the one beauty product she always needs in her make-up kit and handbag – and it just so happens to be a product her client the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted using last year at Wimbledon, too.


“I cannot be without my Clarins Natural Lip Perfectors, £18.50 each. I actually discovered them through a client about 10 years ago and have been repeat purchasing them ever since. I own every shade available and they’re all a staple in my kit. It’s the product that makes me feel anxious if I leave the home without it.

“I was instantly drawn to how the Perfector looks on the lip. Exactly as their name suggests, they make lips look smooth, hydrated, plum, soft and glossy. Yet it’s not wet and shiny. It smells lovely too – a little sweet but not sickly and or over-bearing.

“They just make your lips look ‘dressed’ but casual. I love the lip perfectors worn on their own but sometimes I use just a bit of lip pencil to define them, if I want something a bit more polished. I also love them over the top of lipstick to give a more moist finish. They’re the ideal finishing touch to any make-up look.


“The simple applicator, ease of application and subtle colour (even the darkest isn’t too dark) suits me down to the ground. I can be running out of the door in the school run and have this product in my pocket, pop a bit on just before the school gates  – no mirror required – and I feel good.

“I’m one of those people who can’t bear having dry lips – having hydrated and moisturised lips make me feel more comfortable. Plus, the fact that this product is tinted makes me feel like I’m ‘dressed’ and ready to face the day.

“Rosewood Shimmer and Toffee Pink shimmer are my favourite shades. They don’t seem shimmery or glitter at all – they’re just the most wonderful neutral, wearable tones that complement all lip shades.

“The packaging is great, too. It comes in a squeezy tube that is the same colour as the gloss, which really works for me so I know what shade I’m grabbing. Then there’s the angled applicator which makes application really straightforward. When I’m using the ones in my kit, I simply squeeze the tube and swipe onto my hand or palette. They’re also not too big so perfect for a back pocket.”

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Main image: Hanna Martin/brand