Best lip stains and tints that don't budge

Best lip stains and tints for a wash of colour that doesn’t budge

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Looking for a long-lasting lip product that stays put under your face mask? Try a lip stain or tint…

It’s happened to most of us by now: you’ve taken the time to perfect your lipstick application, put on your face mask and later removed it to find half of your handy work imprinted onto the fabric.

As face masks remain a staple in our day-to-day wardrobe, you may have cast half of your lipsticks and lip glosses aside for fear of smudging. But thankfully, this season’s biggest lip trend is the perfect non-budge solution.

Lip stains and tints are growing in popularity, thanks to their subtle wash of colour for a just-blotted finish. Plus, their lightweight formulas sink into skin, meaning they’re less likely to budge under your mask.

Here, make-up artist Debbie Finnegan runs through everything you need to know about these innovative formulas.

Why are lip stains such a big trend at the moment?

“Friction will cause the majority of even long-wearing formulas to move, so a safe option to choose is a lip stain. This will stain the skin, leaving a gorgeous, transparent veil of colour and has much less chance of transferring onto your mask.”

How can you apply a lip stain and make sure it doesn’t transfer onto your mask?

“As with everything, it’s all about the prep! Scrub your lips first for a smoother surface. Next, apply a lip balm and blot it with a tissue. Then, apply your stain – I like to apply two coats, allowing each to dry before the other.”

Best lip stains and tints

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