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Our ultimate guide to the best mascaras, from lengthening and waterproof to curling and definition

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Mascaras are one of the most popular beauty items around. Here. we round up the best mascaras suited to every lash need.

Mascaras are by far one of the most effective tools in your make-up kit: fact.

While highlighters can help to perk up your complexion and lipsticks add a pop of colour to your look, mascaras are one of the most transformative make-up items around. And now, while we’re still wearing face masks a lot of the time, we’re focusing on our eye make-up way more. 

The high street is packed full of mascara options to suit your every need. From formulas created specifically for sensitive eyes to more traditional desires, like mascaras that deliver super-long, fluttery volume: there’s something for everyone.

When searching for your ideal mascara, there are a few things to consider. Think about the type of finish you want – do you prefer something subtle or a formula that’ll make your lashes a stand-out feature on your face? You should also look at the wand, as these make a huge difference to how a mascara applies to lashes. Consider the colour of the mascara, too. While many of us opt for black, brown formulas are growing increasingly popular for a softer finish. Or, with our faces hidden behind masks, you might like to make a statement with your lashes by using something with a bold colour.

Here, we round up our favourite mascaras of all time.

Best mascaras suited to every need

  • Best new mascara launch: Rimmel London Wonder'Extension Mascara

    best mascara rimmel london

    It’s no secret that Rimmel London do great mascaras and their newest launch doesn’t disappoint. Wonder Extension gives the effect of long, fluffy lashes that extend way beyond the tips of your lashes. A must for anyone wanting a false lash effect. 

    Shop Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara at Boots, £9.99

  • Best mascara that's easy to remove: Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara

    best mascara victoria beckham

    If you love mascara but hate removing it, then this is the formula for you. The clever tubing mascara is removed simply with warm water. There’s no pulling or rubbing involved, simply gently ‘twiddle’ your lashes between your fingertips and watch as the formula melts away. It’s genius.   

    Shop Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara at Cult Beauty, £26

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