Best Tubing Mascaras

Best tubing mascaras for longer, smudge-proof lashes

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Tubing mascaras are the perfect option for lengthening lashes without the risk of smudging. Here, we round up the best ones.

Do you ever find mascara difficult to remove? Despite holding a micellar water-soaked cotton pad to your eyes and double cleansing, you still manage to wake up the next day with black marks underneath your eyes (aka panda eyes).

Add to that the amount of rubbing and tugging it can require to shift stubborn mascara formulas and your delicate eye area can be left feeling pretty sore.

This is where tubing mascaras come in. Unlike traditional mascaras, which coat your eyelashes with pigment, tubing mascaras contain polymers that wrap around your lashes to create a tube of pigment (hence the name).

As they wrap around lashes, tubing mascaras don’t smudge or flake during the day. But the best bit? They slide right off with warm water, meaning no panda eyes or harsh rubbing. Just simply soak a cotton pad or use your (clean) wet fingers to apply gentle pressure and the formula will break off into little clumps.

Even better, these polymers are effective at lengthening and curling your lashes, making them the perfect option for those who like the appearance of lash extensions.

Curious to give one a go? Here, we round up the best tubular mascaras out right now…

The best tubular mascaras, picked by the Stylist beauty team

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