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NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue review: is this product the answer to at-home brow lamination?

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Missing brow lamination appointments? NYX Professional Makeup has launched a Brow Glue that makes it easy to achieve lifted and defined eyebrows at home. Here’s what happened when our beauty team tried it.

It’s no surprise that we’re paying more attention to our eyebrows. The lack of threading and waxing appointments has left many of us searching for products that can help to define our arches. Particularly as face masks are drawing more attention to our eye area.

Before lockdown began, brow lamination was on the rise and, as we continue to favour full, thick and bushy brows, it seems it isn’t going anywhere. The technique involves applying a balm-like solution that lifts individual hairs upwards for a fuller shape. As you can imagine, it’s important to ensure you get your brows in the correct place before the solution sets and so, it’s something best left to the professionals. However, a new product has emerged that offers a temporary brow lamination finish without any risk of ruining your eyebrows.

Enter: NYX Professional Makeup’s The Brow Glue, £6.50. Despite the word ‘glue’, it’s nothing like a tube of Pritt Stick. This product is a glue-like gel that lifts brow hairs and sets them in place for a brow lamination-like finish. You can then go in with your favourite brow pencil or pen to fill in sparse areas, if you prefer a thicker brow.

However, it’s worth noting, if you like to glue your eyebrows down – a popular technique often used by drag queens – this might not be the product for you. NYX Professional Makeup’s The Brow Gel is more of a brow styler and doesn’t create that tackiness needed to team up with powder.

But how does it fare at creating lifted, fluffy brows? Here’s what happened when the Stylist beauty team tried it…

Lucy Partington, beauty editor

Lucy wearing NYX Professional Makeup's Brow Glue
Lucy before applying NYX Professional Makeup's Brow Glue (left) and after (right).

“I’m really not sure how I feel about the whole laminated brow trend. Sometimes I love it and other times I’m not sure individual eyebrow hairs stood to attention is really a look for me. I think it’s because it’s so hit and miss – on some people it looks great, but then on others it just looks weird. It’s because of those worries that I’ve kind of steered clear of all the soap brow-like products that are launching. Well, until now anyway, because NYX’s Brow Glue really piqued my interest.

“I used it in combination with an eyebrow pen, applying the glue first – brushing my (very overgrown, somewhat shapeless) brows upwards, defining the brow, and then filling in any gaps. I loved the result, it wasn’t overly dramatic and it was so easy to achieve. The glue has a tiny spoolie and it dries clear, it’s fairly lightweight and it doesn’t leave any stickiness behind. For just over a fiver I think this is a really clever product and I can’t wait to experiment with it more.”

Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer

Hanna NYX Professional Makeup's Brow Glue
Hanna before applying NYX Professional Makeup's Brow Glue (left) and after (right).

“Wow, okay, where do I start? My eyebrows are sorely missing threading appointments and the overgrown hairs and lack of an arch make it difficult to find a product that gives my brows shape and structure without letting them completely take over my face. That is, until I tried this.

I know, the words “Brow Glue” may make it sound terrifying but this product is pretty genius. The ‘glue’ gel formula is slightly gloopy when you take it onto the brush (be sure to wipe off any excess product, it’s easy to build rather than take away with this) but once applied, it isn’t the slightest bit sticky. As I ran it through my brows, the hairs were swept upwards with every stroke and, more impressively, stayed there. With most brow gels, my brow hairs tend to droop back down after a little while but not with this.

“Once my brows were brushed into place and the glue set, I went in with an eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas. The whole process took three minutes and my overgrown brows are the best they’ve ever looked. I’m truly so impressed.”

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Main image: Lucy Partington/Hanna Ibraheem

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