Brow Trick

This clever brow trick is a simple way to perfect natural, fluffy brows

Fuss-free brows, what more can we ask for?

There’s something about getting your eyebrows just right, isn’t there? And, while there are myriad eyebrow trends to choose from (fluffy, straight, natural arch, to name a few), the technique to achieving them involves a few similar steps: brush into place, fill in with a pencil or pomade and lay down with a setting gel. You might do all, some or none, but there is usually some crossover. 

Susan Yara, a former beauty editor, founder of Naturium skincare brand and beauty expert, has a fail-safe way to make sure her brows are hair-perfect, every time. And it’s something she learned from her longtime make-up artist, Nikki Rose

“Do you brush your brows up before you fill them in?” Yara asks, demonstrating the technique. “This is a mistake I see a lot of people make. 

“To get the best results when you fill in your eyebrows, you want to actually brush them down. That way you can actually see the gaps that you need to fill in without going overboard.”

Yara says this method helps her identify where her brows are naturally more sparse and more full before adding extra hairs when filling them in. She suggests locking everything in place with an eyebrow gel, clear or otherwise, and you’re good to go. Simple and fuss-free. We love! 

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