Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic liner is a playful way to reinvent your eyeliner. Here's how to DIY

A joyful way to play with eye make-up, graphic liner is fast becoming a beauty staple for make-up artists, celebrities and influencers.

According to a Skindex report by luxury beauty brand Clarins, #GraphicLiner was the most viewed TikTok beauty hashtag over the last 12 months. Racking up more than 501 million views, graphic liner beat out #CatEye, #SoapBrows and #OmbreLips to take the top spot. Characterised by innovative designs, unexpected colours, textures and shapes, graphic liner is a playful, joyful way to experiment with eye make-up. Seen on celebrities and catwalks (as well as all over our feeds), here’s how to try the technique yourself.

Graphic eyeliner Camila Cabello
Graphic eyeliner Camila Cabello 2
Singer Camila Cabello plays with eye-catching dots and vibrant pink and red eye colours.

What is graphic liner?

“Graphic liner is a fun, bold and unique way to play with liquid and kohl eyeliner or even eyeshadow. When it comes to liner, we automatically think of a tight line nestled at the root of the lashes, or a wing, designed to elongate and lift the eye shape,” explains make-up artist Grace Revington

“Creating a graphic line is adding to these techniques and ramping up the drama by drawing more geometric shapes, extending the line towards the temple and hairline, or creating a joined wing and cut crease effect.”

Graphic eyeliner Luipta Nyong'o 2
Graphic eyeliner Lupita Nyongo 1
Actor Lupita Nyong'o uses press on gems to create the illusion of graphic liner.

How to start doing graphic liner as a beginner

Which graphic liner techniques are easiest for beginners?

“I would recommend the classic graphic eyeliner – you’ll follow the natural line of your eyes at the bottom and at the top and you will do the same following the concave line. You do not need to close the eyeliner. It’s a charm,” explains Lady Wesa Guimaraes, make-up artist and founder of Karamel London.

Which products are best for beginners?

“Start by using a pen-style liquid liner (my favourite is the Hourglass liner, it’s waterproof and doesn’t budge when it is dry). I find these easiest to use on myself as you can hold them like you would a felt tip and control your wrist and hand position more comfortably,” advises Revington. 

“Make sure the product isn’t running out as it will mean the line will become faded and jagged, making it difficult to create that seamless line needed to create a graphic line. You could also try using eyeshadow first, map out the sort of line you want to create with a pencil-style brush and then go over the top with a gel or liquid liner after.”

Graphic eyeliner Kendall Jenner
Graphic eyeliner Gigi Hadid 2
Models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid work with smaller details and lots of negative space.

Graphic liner tips from a make-up artist

“Use Muji thin cotton buds, or a clean flat eyeliner brush to clean any edges. Dip the cotton bud in make-up remover and swipe along the eyeliner to create a sharp and precise finish or add a bit of concealer to the brush and clean just underneath the eyeliner to take away any wonky bits,” says Revington.

“Want to be extra and fabulous? Use stick-on pearls, diamantes or glitter (use eyelash glue) to frame your graphic line for full-on festive vibes or just for a trip to the shops, there are no rules when it comes to make-up!”

Graphic eyeliner Camila Cabello 5
Graphic eyeliner Lucy Boynton2
Singer Camila Cabello and actor Lucy Boynton use colour and shape to tie their eye make-up to their outfit.

Eight graphic liner looks we can’t get enough of

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