Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer review: “I’ve never found a holy grail brow product until now”

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Beauty editor Lucy has never found a brow product she’s truly been obsessed with – until now. 

We truly are a nation obsessed with our eyebrows, aren’t we? It’s an industry that’s worth a whopping £20 million and yet I’ve never really found the product for me.

Sure, I like Glossier’s Boy Brow but I don’t quite get the hype as much as some, and I’ve literally never found a microblading pen that I’ve liked. I don’t have the patience to draw individual hairs in with a slick, inky nib and seeing old photos of myself made me realise that I’ve never been able to be as precise as I’d like when it comes to using a pomade, either.

After plenty of trial and error, my brow routine settled on using a super fine pencil to fill in the gappy front parts (which have, unsurprisingly, grown quite a bit during lockdown) and then I’d drag a tinted mascara through them to set and shape. That’s it – and some days they would look good (mostly after a threading appointment, something that hasn’t happened since the start of March), other days they’d be a bit blocky, but mostly they were a bit… blah.

But then I discovered Guerlain’s Mad Eyes Brow Framer, £31 and was so intrigued by the applicator (which senior beauty writer Hanna said looked a bit like a Wet Brush; she’s not wrong) that I gave it a go. It took me a few times to get the hang of it because I kept twisting the tube too much. That resulted in too much product coming out and so my brows ended up being shaped into clumps which is never a good look.

Lucy's brows before and after using Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer

Eventually, I figured out that by wiping the nib lightly onto my hand before brushing it through my brows helped to spread the product out much more evenly. The flat-edged brush has firm bristles which are not only good for helping to shape my brows, but they also make getting a sharp arch so easy. There’s no need to faff around with nibs or pencils or anything like that because this does all the hard work for you.

It’s not just the brush that I love either. The formula is one of the most effective I’ve tried – it’s definitely fair to say I don’t really need that much help when it comes to making my brows look thicker, but the smooth, waxy gel glides through and fills in any gaps, making them look much more uniform, as well as helping to perfect the shape.

For me, this product is the perfect does-it-all solution to foolproof brows and if, like me, you get validation from eyebrow compliments but have zero patience or skill then I truly cannot recommend it enough. 

  • Guerlain’s Mad Eyes Brow Framer, £31


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Main image: courtesy of Guerlain

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