Crescent Eyeshadow

“Half-halo eyeshadow is the dewy spring trend making me excited about make-up again”

An understated friend to 80s lacquer, half-halo eyes are all about pared-back placement and dewy shimmer.

We’re all guilty of falling into routines that look suspiciously like ruts. Whether it’s eating the same breakfast Monday through Sunday (because bran flakes are easy and get the job done) or rewatching nostalgic TV as a way to disengage and self-soothe, some are worthy of a sharp kick. 

For me, it’s applying the same make-up in the same order every single time, no matter my mood or the occasion. Yes, I’ve refined the process down to a quick and effective 10 minutes, but it doesn’t excite me anymore. A less-is-more person, I like to spice things up in realistic ways: I’m not about to start contouring on the reg. What I can do is get involved with the balmy, diffused, half-halo-esque eye make-up springing up on my social media.

An understated friend to the lacquer of a full glossy eye, half-halo eyes are all about pared-back placement. Swept up from the inner canthus of the eye socket, it follows the bone up and under the eyebrow, creating an oval-shaped half-moon. 

When you turn your head or tilt your face towards a light source, the product becomes an iridescent wash of hydration. Unlike the 80s-inspired latex-eye, this one boasts of dewy moisture – the glazed sheen of healthy skin. 

An easy way to revamp your make-up routine without doing much, I’d suggest you use your pinky finger or a small, flat brush to glide the balm, oil or gel onto the orbit of the eye socket. I prefer to do this after applying eyeshadow and setting spray as I find it makes each product stay in place for longer and more evenly, but it really does come down to personal preference. 

If you’re on holiday or in hotter climes, apply slightly less than you would otherwise – the warmth of the sun, heat in the air and sweat on your face will warm the product up and encourage it to slip. Less is more on this one. 

Best balms, gels and glazes for half-halo eyes

Main image: courtesy of Jones Road Beauty

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