three selfies of make-up artist Georgie Rose demonstrating how to create glowing skin with make up

How to achieve dewy, glowing skin: a make-up artist shares her golden rules

Glowy skin takes more than just a good highlighter. A professional make-up artist takes us through her recommendations for skincare and make-up that will result in glowing skin.

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Glowy skin is the goal of many skincare and make-up products nowadays, with cult brands like Glossier having dedicated themselves to the cause. Where once shiny skin was a nuisance, now it is not far from what many people aspire to, as they use make-up to give themselves a natural-looking glow

The obsession with dewy skin stemmed from Korean skincare products in the mid 2010s, as K-beauty became particularly popular in Europe and America. And the trend has only grown, as more and more brands offer products that promise to make your skin shiny — BeautyBay now stock 1,096 beauty products that aid glowiness.

And with summer finally here, glowy skin is about to become a lifestyle, which means you need to take your glowy make-up routine further than just a great highlighter. In fact, it’s actually crucial that every step of your make-up routine is focussed on glow in order to achieve that all-around, naturally dewy skin look. 

Professional make-up artist, Georgia Rose, has become known for her ability to create stunning glowy skin looks for a range of brands and celebrities and, here, she shares her advice on the products you should apply (and how to apply them) to achieve the glowy skin of your dreams.

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Georgia’s glowy skin make-up routine

1. Primer

It’s key to start with a primer, Georgia explains, as it will not only help your make-up stay in place but add to the effect of the look you’re trying to create. The primer you should use depends on your skin type but Georgia generally recommends using a primer with an added glow. “If you have dry skin, you can use [primer] everywhere. If you have an oily skin type, you might find that it’s too greasy for you so just apply it where you want it.”

Georgia’s recommends: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

2. Concealer

Georgia doesn’t recommend wearing a foundation when you’re trying to achieve glowy skin. “When you have a full coverage foundation, you then restrict yourself with glowy products. If you want your skin to look glowy, nine times out of ten, your skin is going to have some sort of tack to it,” she says.

Use concealer as your base instead, Georgia suggests, but only use it in the areas you feel you need it, perhaps under the eyes or to cover any blemishes or redness. Not wearing foundation actually makes it easier to touch up your make-up later in the day too, as you can just add more concealer in the areas you want, rather than applying a coat of foundation to the whole of your face. “It’s all about layers - I love building in really light layers,” Georgia says.

Georgia recommends: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Georgia Rose glowing skin selfie
Georgia Rose glowy skin selfie
Make-up artist Georgia Rose, Make-up artist Georgia Rose

3. Bronzer

Next, use a bronzer, preferably a cream bronzer in order to achieve a natural, dewy finish. Bronzer adds colour and dimension to the face, Georgia explains. “I like to use bronzer on the eye as well as a base,” she adds, explaining that using this one colour across your whole face can help to tie the look together.

Georgia recommends: Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer

4. Eyeshadow

As well as adding bronzer to her eyelids, Georgia recommends using bronze, shimmery eyeshadow for the ultimate glowy make-up look, explaining, “It’s neutral so it’s going to work on everyone.”

Cream eyeshadows will give a more natural, glowy finish compared to powders, Georgia explains. “You can also add a little bit of your highlighter to the centre of your eyelid and inner corner which brightens up any look and makes your eyes appear brighter,” she adds.

5. Powder

“I apply powder just where I need it,” Georgia says, adding that this is usually her T-zone and her jaw. If you put powder over all your whole face, you will remove the finish of the previous products you’ve used which will minimize glow, so Georgia says that you should try and avoid this.

Georgia recommends: By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

6. Highlight

Georgia says that she almost always opts for a liquid highlighter, “It gives you more of a glowy look rather than a shimmery colour.” She recommends applying highlighter to your cheekbones and above your eyebrows around the temple area - “I think that looks really pretty when the light hits it,” she says. 

“Adding highlight after powder gives your skin the most realistic texture,” Georgia continues. “It’s going to glow rather than keeping a matte finish.”

Georgia recommends: Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

7. Lips

A lip gloss is the obvious choice for a glowy look and it is the lip product Georgia recommends in this routine, as it not only adds shine but plumpness and texture to the lips too.

Georgia recommends: Patrick Ta Major Glow Lip Shine

Georgia’s favourite make-up products for glowing skin

charlotte tilbury's hollywood flawless filter make up for glowy skin

Charlotte Tilbury / £34

Hollywood Flawless Filter

Nars radiant creamy concealer

NARS / £24.50

Radiant Creamy Concealer

Milk Makeup cream matte bronzer

Milk Makeup / £23

Matte Bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise champagne

Charlotte Tilbury / £22

Eyes to Mesmerise

By Terry Hyaluronic hydra powder

By Terry / £42

Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

Charlotte Tilbury / £29

Beauty Light Wand

Patrick Ta Major Glow Lip Shine

Patrick Ta / £19

Major Glow Lip Shine

Georgia’s tips for achieving the ultimate glow with make-up

Good skin prep is key

Georgia stresses the importance of prepping your skin properly before applying make-up, using skincare products that will hydrate your skin. Eye cream is important for making sure your concealer melts into your skin properly, she says, and an oil, like squalane or rosehip oil, is great to add a slippery texture to your skin that will make products easier to apply. A thick moisturiser and a good lip balm is also essential, as well as SPF.

“You can really create your base with your skin prep,” she says. “If your moisturiser doesn’t have a bit of slip to it and it dries down completely matte, but you want a glowy finish, then you have to add glow into it with a lot of product.”

Targeting specific areas of the face is key if you have oily skin

If you have oily skin, the idea of glowy make-up might not appeal to you. But Georgia explains that it’s actually really simple to minimise oil in the places where you don’t want it and add glow in the areas of your face where you do. “Apply products like powders towards where you get more oily,” Georgia says, adding that you should always avoid putting powder on your cheekbones.

Areas where oil tends to build up are the T-zone, the jaw and the chin and Georgia adds that you need to be careful with your smile line areas, “there’s a fine line between looking glowy and looking oily” on that area of the face, she explains. Georgia also recommends a mattifying primer for people with particularly oily skin, like the Laura Mercier Blurring Primer.

“If you need to touch up throughout the day, that’s what you need to do,” Georgia says, adding that there’s little you can do to avoid the build up of oil so touching up is the best option.

’Make-up melting’ is the key to a natural finish

Georgia always opts for cream and liquid products where possible as they make for a more natural look and these textures also blend together really well. In between applying each product, Georgia allows a few minutes for the product to sit on the skin and warm up with the skin, which she describes as “make-up melting”. This will give you a more natural, glowy look overall as your make-up will feel more cohesive, rather than a combination lots of separate elements.

She does recommend using brushes, opting for the Spectrum brushes herself, but you should also pat your skin with your fingers after applying each product to help the product melt into the skin, she explains. “Any product that I apply to my face, I’ll apply into the palm of my hand rather than the back of my hand […] It will warm up the product a little bit more,” Georgia says, explaining that she does this with both cream and dry products.

For more tips on how to achieve glowing skin using make-up, head to Georgia’s Instagram page or read more of’s dedicated beauty content.

  • Georgia Rose, make-up artist

    Georgia Rose MUA glowy skin make up look
    Make-up artist Georgia Rose

    Georgia Rose is a professional make-up artist, working with brands including TALA and Angelle Collection, and she’s also collaborated with brands like ByTerry, Revlon and Iconic London. Previously to this, she was a make-up artist at Charlotte Tilbury’s flagship store in Covent Garden.


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