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What is glass skin and how to achieve it: best glossy products for face, eyes and lips

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Glass skin is the K-beauty trend that is only going to get more popular in spring and summer. Here, we run through how to achieve it and the best products to use.

No doubt you’ve heard of glass skin and before we head into spring and summer, it’s only going to get more popular. But what exactly is it?

“Glass skin is a technique that can be achieved through make-up, skincare, or by marrying the two together,” says Charlotte Falber, senior pro make-up artist at MAC Cosmetics. “It’s fresh and glowy skin, with a gloss-type effect on the highest points of the face.”

The trend, which first cropped up in 2017, comes from Korea and is all about making your skin look healthy and luminous – to the point where it resembles a mirror.

Years later, the trend continues to remain hugely popular – dominating our Instagram feeds and TikTok scrolling sessions

“It’s such a popular technique because it makes skin look natural and can hide textures on the skin that powders would usually pick up,” explains Falber. “It can give a real ethereal look to the skin, commonly used on catwalks, but has now filtered into everyday real life routines.”

However, despite its gorgeous finish and popularity, Falber says you should be mindful of product placement if you have oily skin.

“If you are oily, try to avoid any areas that your oils come through,” she says. “Glass skin is best achieved with cream products and oils can cause it to slip and slide around throughout the day.”

Here, we round up the best beauty products to help you achieve a glossy, glass skin-like finish.

Best beauty products to achieve glass skin

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