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Nars Climax Liquid Eyeliner review: “This felt tip liner makes cat-eye flicks a doddle”

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Having spent her entire adult life trying (and failing) to nail a feline flick, Stylist’s beauty director Shannon Peter finally cracks the code. The secret? A liquid eyeliner to beat them all. 

While I’m no pro by any stretch of the imagination, over my years of wearing the stuff, I have managed to master the fundamentals of make-up application. I can blend blusher, sketch in non-existent eyebrows and carve out cheekbones with little more than a bit of bronzer. But one skill that has long evaded me? Liquid eyeliner

I know, I know – most people nail this make-up basic in their teens, perfecting their craft through daily application and constant practice. I, on the other hand, have mustered up the motivation to nail its fiddly application on multiple occasions, just to give up seconds later, closing the lid of my eyeliner drawer once more. 

On my most recent revisit to liquid liner, however, I think I’ve just about done it – I’ve mastered the art of the feline flick. And wildly, it wasn’t in the angle I held my wrist, nor was it in the geometry with which I accosted my face. Nope. It was all down to the eyeliner in question. And Nars’ new Climax Liquid Eyeliner, £22, takes all the sweat, tears and frustration out of proceedings.

So what makes an eyeliner like this one truly so remarkable? Well, there are a few things I’d put it down to. 

Firstly, the eyeliner fluid itself. Where others come up watery, drawing an inconsistent line over the eyelid, this one flows evenly from the nib, creating an arc of richly-pigmented liner from the very first swipe.

The nib also helps. The almost-almond-shaped felt tip-style head is sturdy enough that it draws on a sharp, strong line that’s never too wide and never too skinny. Plus, the point at the very tip creates a tapered end to the flick on the very first go without the need for tricksy TikTok hacks or cumbersome stencils. 

Finally, I’m obsessed with the shade. So many brands claim to offer a true, rich, deep black, but this is one of the only products I’ve tried that truly delivers on such promise.

My only gripe? I just wish it was around in my early days of experimentation. I guess I’ll now have to make up for lost time. 

NARS Climax Liquid Eyeliner

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