How to clean make-up brushes: Spectrum’s Brush Laundrette Towel makes drying them so much easier

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There’s nothing in the beauty world quite as annoying as trying to successfully dry all of your make-up brushes after washing them.

Cleaning make-up brushes is something of an epic chore that we’re all guilty of putting off for longer than we should. Whether you choose to wash with baby shampoo, fairy liquid or maybe you’ve invested in a proper brush cleansing soap, it’s a dull job that’s easy to avoid. 

That said, this third (and hopefully final) lockdown is probably the perfect time to wash away years of eyeshadow/foundation/blusher build up on brushes that were once pale in the colour, right?

Aside from the actual act of cleansing the brushes, it’s also drying them that, let’s be honest, is a bit of a pain – especially if you live in a small flat share and are short on radiator space – or just any sort of space in general. But Welsh beauty brand Spectrum, which is also the creator of some of our favourite make-up brushes, has created an innovative, game-changing product that is nothing short of magical. Truly, it’s everything we literally had no idea that we needed.

The product in question? It’s this clever Brush Laundrette Towel, £16.99

Made of super-absorbent microfibre material (anyone who’s used a microfibre towel on their hair will know just how quickly they’re able to soak up excess water), it’s got 32 elastic slots that brushes can be placed into once they’ve been washed before being easily hung up, whether that’s over or above a radiator or on any other solid surface. The hooks are detachable too, which means the towel can be easily rolled up and stored away when you’re not using it.

Anyone else planning a long overdue, mass clean of their make-up brushes this weekend? Yep, us too…

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Images: Courtesy of Spectrum Collections

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