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Zara Beauty’s colourful make-up collection has landed just in time for summer

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First it took over our wardrobes. Then it came for our collarbones with that iconic Jo Malone collaboration. And now, Zara has its sights set on our make-up bags with the launch of Zara Beauty. Stylist’s beauty director Shannon Peter couldn’t be happier.

Let’s face it: it was only a matter of time before Zara extended its (rather fashionable) arms into the world of beauty. I mean, the brand had already whet our appetites with the hugely successful launch of Emotions, the fragrance line created by none other than Jo Malone. So when the high street stalwart decided it was time to bring out a make-up collection, it was only right that it teamed up with an equally as iconic name from the make-up world. 

The artist in question? Diane Kendal. An industry legend, Kendal’s hands are behind countless memorable catwalk, cover and campaign beauty looks for designers like Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta.

Zara Beauty model wears bright pink lipstick and eye shadow
Zara Beauty's campaign reminds us of the fun to be found in our make-up bags

So how do you translate a fashion behemoth like Zara into a curated collection of beauty products? Naturally, you go big. Spanning lips, cheeks, eyes and even nails, the range caters to everyone’s inner experimentalist, with bold colours bound to take you out of your cosmetic comfort zone. If you ask me, it’s a very welcome reminder of the fun to be found in make-up, especially after a year avoiding the stuff.

It isn’t all wild, though. The versatile textures mean you can dial your look up or down, while the face formulas (think soft blusher and highlighter powders) are milled so finely, they look just like the skin below, only glowier. And while the high street has a way to go in terms of sustainability, notably, each of the Zara Beauty products are refillable.

Zara Beauty model wears bright orange and mint eyeshadow
Would you jump on the mismatched eyeshadow trend?

One thing to note: when you include all the different shade options, there’s 130 individual products on offer which can make the job of selecting your favourites a little overwhelming. So I thought I’d help. Below, I’ve cherry-picked the Zara Beauty products that impressed me the most, so much so they’ve been granted space in my post-lockdown make-up bag. 

The best Zara Beauty products

  • The unexpected eyeshadow combo

    Zara Beauty Eye Color in 2 Cyber Glitch
    Zara Beauty Eye Color in 2 Cyber Glitch

    If you’re steadfast in your devotion to subtle, earthy eyeshadow shades, consider this your sign to start experimenting with the bolder end of the colour spectrum. Sure, you might never have put the two colours together, but there’s just something about this tomato and teal combination that works.

    Shop Zara Beauty Eye Color in 2 in Cyber Glitch at Zara, £11.99

  • The does-it-all face palette

    Zara Beauty Cheek Color in Impeccable Touch
    Zara Beauty Cheek Color in Impeccable Touch

    I love bronzer, blusher and highlighter, but up until now I’d been applying them all individually. How silly am I? This palette allows you to whack on all three in a single step. I just twizzle a fluffy brush over the trio and buff onto my cheeks and temples. Surprisingly, it works. 

    Shop Zara Beauty Cheek Color in Impeccable Touch at Zara, £17.99

  • The gloss that isn’t even slightly gloopy

    Zara Beauty Lip Oil in Decadent
    Zara Beauty Lip Oil in Decadent

    A nod to the Y2K fashion resurgence that’s all over TikTok right now, lip gloss is certainly making a comeback. But thankfully, the formulas have come along way since we were wearing them the first time around. This pink-tinted formula is oily rather than sticky, so it glides on and hydrated while you wear it. 

    Shop Zara Beauty Lip Oil in Decadent at Zara, £9.99 

  • The buttery tinted lip balm

    Zara Beauty Lipstick Balm in Say Cheers
    Zara Beauty Lipstick Balm in Say Cheers

    Halfway between a lipstick and a balm, this lip formula gives more colour payoff than your regular lip stain or tint without feeling heavy or cloying like a denser lipstick might. I adore it.

    Shop Zara Beauty Lipstick Balm in Say Cheers at Zara, £11.99

  • The almost 'juicy' nail polish

    Zara Beauty Nail Color in Original
    Zara Beauty Nail Color in Original

    Call me a creature of habit or simply a bore, but I tend to always go for red when it comes to nails. But I am making a bit of an update for the summer by using this ever-so-slightly translucent shade. It looks a little like a block of Rowntree’s jelly and is especially glossy once dry.

    Shop Zara Beauty Nail Color in Original at Zara, £5.99

  • The modern metallic eyeshadow

    Zara Beauty Loose Pigment in Fade to Gold
    Zara Beauty Loose Pigment in Fade to Gold

    If you ask me, the most modern way to wear metallics is in dense colour blocks and this liquid eyeshadow makes that super easy. So rich in pigment, it takes only a swipe or two across the eyelid for full on colour.

    Shop Zara Beauty Loose Pigment in Fade to Gold, £9.99

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Images: courtesy of Zara

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