Mum's letter to Sephora sales associate goes viral for all the right reasons

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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A mum's grateful letter to a Sephora sales associate who helped her teenage daughter regain her confidence has gone viral.

The mum explained that her teenage daughter was being bullied for her looks, so she took her to Sephora to get some make-up that would help her feel more “comfortable” at school.

And the unnamed woman was so moved by her experience of shopping in the French beauty store that she took to an online forum, called Spotted in Windsor, to write a thank you note to the “kind” associate who helped her.

“My daughter is 15 years old and is having a very hard time with her self-esteem,” she began.

“She has been relentlessly ridiculed by many of the ‘young ladies’ (trying to be delicate with my wording) she now goes to school with - they pick on her for her clothing, her skin, her voice, her hair, her eyebrows, the list goes on…

“It breaks my heart to say that this bullying has convinced my beautiful daughter that she is ugly.”

The mum continued to say that both she and her daughter felt slightly intimidated by the store workers, who all “exuded confidence”, until one came over to talk to them.

“We were helped with products of course, but more than anything her kindness towards my daughter was what stunned me,” she wrote.

“I feel as though she somehow caught onto my daughters struggles with self-esteem during our conversation, and she went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.”

She continued to explain how the sales associate had helped boost her daughter’s confidence, by helping her reclaim what she loved most about her looks.

“She pointed out the areas that my daughter has been most insecure about lately (like her full brows, her curly hair.. the things I've been trying to convince her not to change about herself) and expressed how beautiful she thought they were - SERIOUSLY girl, are you psychic???” the mum wrote. 

“I saw my daughter light up and act silly for the first time in MONTHS,” she added. 

“A sincere and heartfelt thank you for your beautiful spirit.”

You can read the full post, which has so far garnered over 3,700 likes and been shared more than 600 times, below.

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