Who is Marc Pilcher

Who was the hairstylist Marc Pilcher and why was the first episode of Bridgerton dedicated to him?

Award-winning hairstylist Marc Pilcher died aged 53 last October.

If you kept watching to the end credits of episode one of Bridgerton’s feted second season, you’ll have seen a brief but poignant dedication to hairstylist Marc Pilcher. 

Pilcher, who was fully vaccinated, died aged 53 on 3 October 2021 from Covid-19. He had worked on the first season of Bridgerton, winning a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Period and/or Character Hairstyling for his talent. He won the award three weeks before his death.

Pilcher had worked on many high-profile projects, including Mary Queen Of Scots, Beauty And The Beast, Downton Abbey and The Young Victoria

For his work on Mary Queen Of Scots, he had been nominated for an Academy Award. For Downton Abbey, he also received several Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Awards.

“The passing of Marc Pilcher is beyond words. I will forever be in awe of the incredible hairstyling and make-up work that he brought to Bridgerton. My heart goes out to his loved ones as we lost him way too soon,” wrote Bridgerton producer and acclaimed screenwriter Shonda Rhimes after his passing.

“So heartbroken by the loss of Marc Pilcher, the brilliant and visionary hair and make-up designer for Bridgerton season one,” tweeted Bridgerton actor Nicola Coughlan last October. “Marc was so passionate about his work and so tremendously talented. Not even a month ago he won his first Emmy award.”

Pilcher, who is remembered for his outstanding hair and make-up talent and vision, is survived by his friends and family. 

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