Naomi Campbell’s 13-step pre-flight routine includes using anti-bac wipes on her seat

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Prepare yourselves for a real insight into Naomi Campbell’s fascinating (yet somewhat necessary) airport routine. 

Lifestyles of the rich and famous are always interesting and often, when we’re lucky, they fall into the ‘fascinating’ category.

That means whenever an insight into the mundane – or usually not-so-mundane – habits of celebrities, we’re immediately interested. Current case in point? Naomi Campbell just shared a five-minute video detailing her pre-flight rituals and, to be honest, we’re obsessed.

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As part of what is seemingly an ongoing YouTube Series, aptly named Being Naomi, the supermodel is sharing valuable insights into her everyday life. 

The video, filmed at Nice International Airport before she got on a flight to Qatar, is captioned: “You guys know how much I travel but you might not know how much I LOVE to travel. Here’s a peek at my airport routine.”

It starts with a clip of Campbell talking to camera explaining, again, her love of flying. “I love travelling. I was born travelling. I love being in the air, I love being everywhere yet nowhere at the same time.” Profound, but she really does love to fly, you guys.

Next she compliments a woman on her legs and explains that she checks out everybody’s legs (she is a supermodel, after all). Then, after making it through security without being stopped (she’s definitely one of the lucky few), she heads to duty free and just, you know, enjoys being at the airport. 

Essentially, we are her and she is us. 

Her first purchase? A bag of mini Twix bars (“I’m getting it. I don’t care, I’m getting it”). Then she stops by the beauty section, applies a tester of what looks like Chanel’s Rouge Allure Liquid Powder lipstick, points out the Biotherm cream she loves (and explains that she likes to mix it with an oil she loves) before heading to the magazine stand.

Just when she thinks she’s finished shopping, Campbell is distracted by the sweet stand. Of course she is, we all are, we’ve all fallen victim to that bloody sweet stand perfectly placed next to the exit. 

Picking up two bags of Haribo she heads back to the counter to pay.

But it’s when she’s on the plane that the fun really begins. “When I get on a plane it’s about hydration. It’s facemasks and hydration. I’m actually looking for my gloves,” she explains as she rummages through her hand luggage.

The gloves in question? Not to keep her warm, but an individual pair of disposable ones, kept in a Ziploc bag. Next, she pulls out a packet of Dettol anti-bacterial wipes and proceeds to clean her entire seat and everything around it.

“Clean everything you touch, anything you could possibly touch,” she says as she’s wiping down the entirety of her business class seat. 

The table, behind the seat, the remote control for her TV screen. Anything that could have been touched by anybody else is given a thorough clean. “This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me.”

Once she’s satisfied, out comes a bright pink blanket. “This is my seat cover. I change it every week. I just buy them in the airport and they’re hand washed at every hotel I go to. Then they’re switched out, different colours that make you happy. Turquoise, whatever.”

Finally, her in-flight skincare routine: hydration masks, and then the crème-de-la-crème. She puts on a medical-grade mask that covers her nose and mouth. “I will sit like this for the entire flight. No matter what plane you take, private or commercial, as the plane descends people start coughing and sneezing. And the coughing and sneezing makes me… I just can’t. So this is my protection.”

The end. Fin. What an experience. What an icon. It’s an elaborate routine, sure, but you know what Naomi? You do you. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll take some lessons from her.

After all, why shouldn’t we sit on a coloured, handwashed blanket for the entirety of a 12-hour flight?

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