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“Clean look” natural nails are the pretty, minimalist answer to classic nude manicures

Soft and subtle, the clean-look ‘natural manicure’ is diffused and milky. 

Like many people, I learn a lot of things from social media. From easy weeknight recipes to using an eyelash curler upside down (I got that one from TikTok and swear by it), there’s a glut of inspiration to be found in the feed. My most recent infatuation: the expensive manicure, made popular by the minimal “clean” girl aesthetic.

Characterised by translucent nail colours, the clean-look manicure is semi-transparent and glossy, with the half-moon of your nail bed and lighter nail tips gently coming through. 

Championed by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Adwoa Aboah, it’s a subtle look that pairs with any outfit or event and helps extend the time between nail appointments. Unlike block colours or designs that incorporate shades not found in the nail bed or skin tone, natural-looking expensive nails blur the definitive line between grow-out and manicure, meaning you can stretch how often you’re re-doing them.

If you’re working on the health of your nails, many nail strengtheners and hardeners come in a variety of natural shades that work double-time as a treatment and aesthetic. Alternatively, semi-sheer nail colours can be painted over acrylic or gel extensions for natural-looking length.

Here’s some natural-nail inspiration to take to your next appointment or try yourself at home. 

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