This new cleanser allows adults to say bye to blemishes

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Amira Arasteh
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Most of the skincare market focuses on acne solutions for teens – but this anti-blemish cleanser is ideal for adults. 

So you’ve had a breakout. That’s normal, right? Post-puberty. Still normal?

The answer is yes. All women are prone to a bad spot or even a full-on breakout and need a long-term solution to rid them of their pimples. But despite 40% of adult women being prone to acne, there are few products marketed specifically for them. 

Cue skincare superhero and London’s leading cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Sam Bunting, who is on a mission to make everyone have a good skin day. The social media sensation has cultivated quite the audience online, with a pragmatic and logical approach to skincare. 

With the launch of her eponymous range, Dr. Sam Bunting Skincare, adult women can say goodbye to their acne.

“Cleansing is so fundamental to getting a skincare routine correct” she affirms, with the Flawless Cleanser being the first product to head the collection. Priced at just £16, it is an affordable addition to your skincare routine. Suitable for all skin types, no matter how sensitive, it deserves a spot on your bathroom shelf. 

According to the renowned dermatologist, many women fall into the trap of “adopting trend-driven cleansing” which can cause even more problems as so many products are coming into contact with the skin. 

It is easy to pick up the latest popular skincare regime, but Bunting warns that it won’t always be beneficial for your skin and that trialing many of these in one go can be the cause of an increase in the blemishes you were trying to get rid of. 

Keeping your cleansing simple and functional is the best piece of advice she can offer women with acne issues, and she describes her range as “a rejection of the fussy 10-step routines and a cry for simplicity”. 

Bunting also believes in “single cleansing”: the fewer ingredients and products in use, the better.

This jelly-textured cleanser will fight off make-up, SPF, oils and other dirt picked up from just living life. It also has a pH of 5.0, making it the perfect antidote to already-puffed up and sore skin.

For some women, make-up can enhance their features. But many others use it as a mask to hide scarred or blemished skin. As someone who has been affected by blemishes in the past, Bunting uses the combination of her dermatological knowledge and own experiences to fuel the efficiency of her products. 

“When you’re working so many hours in the day and eating inconsistently, it would be an abnormality to not get blemishes,” she says – a reassuring statement for those of us who still feel like we’re in school because of our skin.

Prone to blemishes and acne and would rather you weren’t? Check out the Flawless cleanser here

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