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Audrey Hepburn famously attested "I believe in manicures" and now the style icon's most iconic character, Holly Golightly, is inspiring a new range of OPI nail colours, including a shade in the famous Tiffany Blue.

The limited edition Breakfast at Tiffany's collection features 16 colours designed to add a chic spin to a winter mani with light shades inspired by pearls and diamonds, as well as irresistibly rich autumnal tones.

There's a beauitful pearl shade...

And if nail art had been around in 1961, we can imagine Holly working these designs (when not wearing those over-the-elbow gloves):

Best accompanied with a bouffant, LBD and giant shades:

OPI's Breakfast At Tiffany's varnishes begin at £12.50 and are available to buy now


Audrey's best-loved roles

  • Roman Holiday

    Audrey netted an Oscar for this 1953 movie, which was also her very first Hollywood role – a princess who plays truant on an official visit to Rome.

    See it at the BFI: 7 Jan 20:40

  • Sabrina

    One of her most famous and timeless roles, Hepburn played a chauffeur’s daughter in this 1954 flick alongside love interests William Holden and Humphrey Bogart.

    See it at the BFI: 4 Jan 20:45

  • Funny Face

    Audrey unveiled her dancing talents in this 1956 classic.

    See it at the BFI: 7 Jan 18:30, 12 Jan 20:45

  • Love in the Afternoon

    Audrey plays a private detective’s daughter who charms an ageing playboy (Gary Cooper) in this 1957 movie, unaware that her father has other plans. Director Billy Wilder admitted he knew no other leading lady would do and waited for Hepburn to be available.

    See it at the BFI: 6 Jan 20:30, 8 Jan 15:30

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    Audrey took on the now-legendary role of Holly Golightly back in 1961, earning an Oscar nod along the way.

    See it at the BFI: 21 January - 3 February

  • The Children’s Hour

    Another 1961 film, The Children's Hour (later renamed The Loudest Whisper) was an adaptation of Lillian Hellman’s 1936 play about a troublemaking student at a girls’s school who accuses two teachers of being lesbians. Audrey starred alongside Shirley MacLaine.

    See it at the BFI: 4 - 19 January

  • Charade

    Back in 1963, Audrey starred in this romantic caper set in Paris alongside the swoonsome Cary Grant.

    See it at the BFI: 8 Jan 20:45, 15 Jan 20:40

  • My Fair Lady

    Audrey bagged this 1964 role over the expected Julie Andrews, but Eliza Doolittle's famous singing was dubbed - it’s actually Marnie Nixon’s voice on the soundtrack.

    See it at the BFI: 14 Jan 17:50; 15 Jan 14:50

  • Paris When it Sizzles

    1964 was a busy year for Audrey. As well starring in My Fair Lady, Audrey played secretary to William Holden’s writer in Paris When it Sizzles. She was joined by a cameo from her then husband, Mel Ferrer.

    See it at the BFI: 5 Jan 20:50, 9 Jan 15:50, 20 Jan 18:30

  • How to Steal a Million

    Another caper movie, How to Steal a Million (1966) saw Audrey and co-star Peter O’Toole plot the burglary of a Parisian museum. Aside from anything else, it’s worth watching for Audrey’s jaw-dropping sixties wardrobe.

    See it at the BFI: 22 Jan 17:30, 28 Jan 20:30


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