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Orange blossom: how to add this fresh floral scent to every corner of your beauty routine

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There’s a reason why the scent of orange blossom can be found everywhere, from summer candles to hair masks to aromatherapy oils. Stylist investigates the energising power of its scent.

Fresh, fruity and clean are all characteristics we’ve always associated with summer scents. And while we aren’t able to stay outside and scour fields populated with these aromas, you can definitely bring these into your living area. We’re turning our homes into a santuary, and the hunt for a new, specific scent can feel pretty endless. Well, we may have just the aroma for you.

While it may seem like a simple ingredient, orange blossom is actually pretty complex. It’s richer, sweeter and headier than its sister, neroli and has hints of white flower and jasmine. The blossom itself comes from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, known as the citrus aurantia and has some particularly impressive benefits when it comes to aromatherapy.

In a study published by the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, they found it significantly reduced cortisol levels in highly stressed individuals. And, it also calming aroma also works to reduce blood pressure and when infused into creams helps decrease inflammation.

But, as with most scents, its what you pair it with that determines what mood it will create. When combined with warm scents like bergamot, orange blossom can create an uplifting feeling, whereas when combined with woodier aromas such as pine and vetiver, it creates more of a relaxing effect. Safe to say it’s a scent that really applies to a few moods you may experience in the day.

And because these citrusy floral notes are so adaptable, they have been infused into a lot of different aspects of beauty. From a scented candle to a hair treatment, Stylist has chosen the products that will add a dose of summer breeze back into your beauty routines.

The best orange blossom products

  • The scented candle

    Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle

    Jo Malone Special Edition Orange Blossom Candle, £51

    Stylish as always, cult brand Jo Malone brings us a concotion of water lily, oris and balsamic vetiver which, combined, really bring the orange blossom to life. With a burn time of 45 hours, it’ll last ages.

    £51, Jo Malone

  • The body spray

    Emulsion Orange Blossom Body Spray

    Emulsion Body Mist, £12

    Looking for a lightweight, yet potent fragrance? Emulsion’s body spray pairs orange blossom with lemongrass, bergamot and jasmine for a warmer, citrusy scent.

    £12, Emulsion

  • The deep conditioning hair treatment

    Philip Kingsley Orange Blossom Deep Condition Treatment
    Philip Kingsley Mayan Vanilla & Orange Blossom Elasticizer, £35

    Known for its original pre-shampoo treatment, the Elasticizer, Philip Kingsley has released a larger size of the classic product with an orange blossom and vanilla scent.

    £35, John Lewis

  • The deodorant balm

    Orange blossom deodorant balm

    AKT SC.01 Ext. Orange Grove, £18

    Providing an effective alternative to aerosol sprays, AKT’s deodorant balm paste contains mandarin, juniper berry, shea butter and calendula oil for a creamy, aromatic scent.

    £18, AKT

  • The essential oil

    Orange Blossom Essential Oil

    Tisserand Neroli Essential Oil, £40.20

    When in need of a mood-booster, apply the orange blossom oil directly onto the temples. If looking to create a blend of oils, mix with lime and bergamot to uplift or sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh to relax.

    £40.20, Tisserand

  • The fragrance

    Diptyque Eau de Sans, £72

    Gender neutral scent Eau de Sans is bursting with orange blossom, patchouli and juniper berries with a spicy fresh undertone.

    £72, Space NK

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