Chrissy Teigen's make-up artist tells us about his favourite new beauty trends

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Make-up artist to the stars, Patrick Ta has just launched a new make-up range for Shiseido. We spent 15 minutes with him chatting all things beauty… 

Patrick Ta has been knighted new global make-up artist for Japanese beauty giant Shiseido. With him comes a seriously clever new make-up range dubbed with a mantra that’s as millennial as can be: “Beauty Reimagined. Beauty With Soul.” 

Beginning his sky-rocketing career as a freelance make-up artist for MAC, Ta quickly climbed the glittery rope of success, wielding his brushes on the faces of Hollywood’s haute volée: Chrissy Teigen, Priyanka Chopra, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian – and those names have now guided him to the house of Shiseido.

“It’s a brand that has such a rich heritage and there is so much to tap into as a make-up artist. It also has a history of supporting emerging talent from many disciplines, which is really encouraging for artists with a strong creative vision like myself,” Ta exclusively tells

“The Japanese aren’t afraid to play with colour and want to create a fresher, brighter version of themselves.”

Thankfully, Shiseido’s new collection follows this approach to beauty and consists of 22 products in 135 shades.

Here’s what Ta had to say about his favourite products from the line-up, along with what inspires him, his most exciting career moments and the best make-up advice he has to offer.

What are the newest texture trends? 

I think gloss has been a trend for a while. Glossy skin looks fresh and fresh is always in. I just did Arianna Grande’s album cover [for Sweetener], where I created a super clean glossy eye, long lashes, super glowing skin and a beautiful matte lip.

That’s my signature look right now. It complements so many women, it elevates your look and is so easy to do. Shiseido has a new gloss (£22, Crystal Gel Gloss) you can use for lips and lids. The shine is unbelievable and it doesn’t feel sticky on your eyes. 

What are the favourite red carpet looks you’ve done?      

I love the look I did for Adriana Lima when she attended the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. I created a bold red lip for her and a glossy eye which went perfectly with her white gown. Another favourite would be Gigi Hadid for the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. I did a super bronzed look.

I also love what I did on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for the Met Gala: an iridescent purple-blue eye and a glitter drop going down the centre. 

If you could only use one product to do a client’s entire face, what would it be? 

Well that would never happen, but I would probably say a bold red lipstick. I feel like a red lip brings so much life to the face.

Do you have any tips for creating the perfect killer rouge lip?

Definitely moisturise your lips prior to application, and use a liner for a clean crisp outline – I like using lipsticks that have very high pigment. Shiseido has this new matte lipstick (£25, ModernMatte Powder Lipstick), it’s moisturising, it’s matte and has eight-hour wear. It mimics a liquid lipstick in the coverage it delivers but it allows your lips to feel natural. In terms of texture, if I create a glossy eye look, I do a matte lip, if I have a matte eye I choose a glossy lip – always one or the other.

Who was your first major client that made you think ‘Wow, I’ve made it!’?

Probably when I got to work with Kim Kardashian it was the “a ha!” moment – I was so excited. She was such a doll to work with, and she has the most symmetrical face. You’d think she’d be quite particular but she lets you do whatever you want, she’s great. The [Kardashian] girls aren’t afraid to try new things and be different – there’s five of them and they’re all so individual. They aren’t afraid to wear make-up that’s an expression of their style.

What are you most excited about from the new Shiseido collection?

I love the whipped blush (£32, Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush), it allows your cheeks to look flushed without looking like you have a lot of powder on. It’s a ‘whipped cream’ texture that just melts into your skin. The pigment is so strong you can put as little or as much as you want. 

I’ve always loved blush, it totally finishes off a look and allows the make-up to be more cohesive. When choosing a blush colour, make sure it’s the same undertone as the lipstick you’re using. 

Are you still a contouring fan or are you over it?

I feel like contouring has got such a bad rep because of Instagram, but who doesn’t want definition? If you don’t need it, don’t apply it, but I like using it to add dimension to the face. Especially after you apply foundation which can take away definition. It helps to make the face look sculpted.

Are you fairly speedy when applying make-up or do you like to take your time?

I like to take my time, I hate being rushed! I like to make sure everything is detailed and perfect. The eyes and skin take longest – I want the skin to look fresh and youthful. Not like you’re wearing too much make-up, but still flawless.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Mainly from travelling so much, I’m constantly in different countries and cities and I work with a lot of models, musicians and make-up artists. Every single city I visit, I see women wearing make-up so differently. I draw inspiration from the ones that catch my eye. I love the girls who wear make-up in London, they’re not afraid to go bold.

In other countries, people might not wear as much, but I love someone who can hold a look and be confident wearing it. Generally, I think the beauty world is really exciting right now due to social media, people are able to pull inspiration from people around the world.

Shiseido’s new range is available now at

Image credit: Courtesy of Shiseido / Interview by Viola Levy