PFW: The a/w 18 Issey Miyake show is the perfect holiday inspiration

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Amerley Ollennu
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Make-up artist Alex Box shares how to get faux freckles right and we’re pretty sure you won’t wait till autumn to rock them.

With over 2 million mentions on Instagram, freckles are one lusted after beauty look, and the obsession continued at Issey Miyake. Make-up artist Alex Box told Stylist backstage at Paris Fashion Week that she created a look that was ‘symbiotic to Miyake’s fusion of science and nature as well as the brands poetic and playful style.’ 

Inspired by the idea of a flower pushing through the snow while the sun shines down on it – Box juxtaposed all the usual cold weather culprits - flushed cheeks, rosey noses, and ears and paired them with a decidedly summer skin feature - freckles. To achieve that cold icy winter skin, Box used a mixture of beautiful blue and violet cream shadows from the Mac Pro Eye Palette in The Silly One, £30, on the high points of the face instead of a more traditional pearlescent highlighter.

Against this icy wash Box created flush pink cheeks and expertly drew on a smattering of freckles around the face for a mix of cold and warmth. For authentic looking faux freckles Box used two different coloured brow pens, to mimic how they naturally appear on the skin – which is not in one single shade but rather a range of tones that vary in depth. When it comes to how to ‘apply’ convincing freckles Box informed us that ‘they aren’t just one strict Polly Pocket dot, they come in different shapes and are less like perfect round circles and more like misshapen ones. Faux freckles look more realistic if you apply them then press them in with your finger, then apply again and repeat a few times to build up washes of colour that when layered on top of each other look far more authentic then perfect dots.’ 

By adding in all the organic real elements of everyday skin that people tend to take out of their look – the redness around the nose, baby hairs between the brows, and freckles Box created her signature emotional make-up that evoked a feeling of youth awakened. And although the idea was for all the elements of this look to work in harmony with one another so that nothing stood out more than the other, for us, the freckles are what took this to the next level. We predict you won’t wait till the end of the year to give it a go.

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