The hot (pink) new beauty trend you'll want to try

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Georgia Drew
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Pink makeup

From millennial pink to barbie fuschia, learn how to incorporate some colour into your makeup repertoire. 

For a long time in make-up, the colour pink has been set aside for lip, cheek and nail products. Then it crept into hair colour with in an assortment of pastel and neon hues, where it still triumphs. But now, more and more people are embracing the versatile colour on their eyes.

You don’t have to launch into a full-on fuchsia medley by any means, but incorporating a little blush on your eyes is an easy way in. Depending on which shade you choose, it can make any eye colour pop and skin tone shine. Pink is for everyone. 

Stylist took a look at how celebrities and make-up artists have interpreted the trend and broke down each look so you can recreate them at home.

Soft wash

Accentuate your usual cat eye with a wash of pretty pink. Begin by laying down a base in your pink of choice, we like this deep purpley tone. The key here is to blend, blend, blend. Then it’s the hard part - the liquid liner. Build this slowly and patiently to avoid making any mistakes which force you to restart the entire process. 

Glossy lids

Rosie Huntington-Whitely is serving some serious pink here. Glossy eyes have been another key trend of the year. Start by making a base with a creamy shadow in the pink of your choice. Lightly layer some clear eye gloss on top to create the wet look. Then layer on the mascara.


What better way to upgrade your makeup for Saturday night than with glitter? This creation by Pixiwoo’s Sam Chapman proves that glitter can look chic. Lay down a glitter base before carefully patting on the glitter with a square flat brush. If the glitter does fall onto your cheeks, just dab it off with some masking tape.

Cherry pink

Pink comes in many more shades than just Instagram-friendly candyfloss. A deeper cherry tone can look seriously sultry and it compliments a warmer skin tone beautifully. This look is all about the blend, but remember to give a healthy smudge along your bottom lash line to pull it together. 

Colour blocking

Make-up that mirrors your hair just works. Try and find eyeshadow shades closest to your hair colour and experiment with pink on your lips, cheeks and even lashes too. Remember, more is more.

Wing it out

Well, if this doesn’t make you happy we don’t know what will. Pretty but edgy, this winged liner look is dying to be recreated. If you reach for your liquid liner every morning, switching to a hot pink one is a small but noticeable change. Pat on a lipstick in the same colour for added pink-points, smudging the edges to create an on-trend soft lip line.

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