It’s plastic-free beauty day – here’s 4 easy ways to reduce the plastic in your bathroom

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Today marks the very first Plastic Free Beauty Day, the brainchild of haircare brand We Are Paradoxx, demanding brands, retailers and consumers alike reconsider their relationship with plastic. Here’s the 411.

You’ll have no doubt heard the depressing statistics multiple times before: by 2050, our oceans will carry more plastic than fish and an estimated 99% of seabirds will have ingested plastic. And even though recycling has become as fashionable as watching Netflix’s newest true-crime documentary in theory, shockingly less than a fifth of the world’s plastic is recycled in practice. So, was it really a shock when the UN declared the current situation a “planetary crisis”? Not really.

Of course, being so prevalent in modern day life, going completely cold turkey on plastic in all areas of our lifestyles isn’t easy, but the bathroom is one place where simple, straightforward swaps can make all the difference.

That’s why Plastic-Free Beauty Day – which, FYI, takes place today on 17 June – is one national celebration we should all get behind.

Launched by Yolanda Cooper, founder of pioneering beauty brand We are Paradoxx, Plastic-Free Beauty Day is intended to make us all rethink the plastic currently lurking in our bathroom.

To mark the occasion, the haircare brand (which champions aluminium packaging, as it’s much easier to recycle) is taking a giant lipstick-shaped recycling bin on a tour of the city, asking consumers to deposit their beauty empties. They’ll then deliver this haul to Terracycle to be properly dismantled and recycled.

We Are Paradoxx’s lipstick-shaped recycling bin at Carnaby Street, London

But much more than just encouraging us to recycle our empty shampoo bottles and moisturiser tubs, Plastic-Free Beauty Day is about urging us all to consider avoiding plastic altogether. “We are calling all brands, consumers and retailers to JOIN US and reconsider their use of plastic, whether it be virgin, recycled or reclaimed from the sea because the problem is that it ends up back in the sea or landfill which makes the type of plastic irrelevant,” Cooper explains. There is no such thing as “good plastic”. Sobering, indeed.

We Are Paradoxx’s lipstick-shaped recycling bin at Regent Street, London

Today also marks the launch of, a hub of information that not only arms us consumers with the knowledge we need to make better decisions, but Cooper is also opening up the pages of her eco-beauty black book, sharing advice and contacts with beauty brands looking to reduce their plastic output too.

It may only be year one of Plastic Free Beauty Day, but we’re already excited about the waves it is about to make within the beauty industry.

Want to do your bit? Here’s five easy ways to reduce the plastic in your bathroom.

Swap to aluminium packaging 

We Are Paradoxx uses aluminium to house its potent haircare formulas, as the material is much easier to recycle, and unlike plastic, can be recycled an infinite number of times.

…or go completely packaging-free


Lush has long championed minimal packaging, and even launched the first plastic packaging-free beauty shop earlier this year. Rather than plastic wrappers, customers can take their new bath bombs and skincare formulas home wrapped in paper or tucked inside a cork container.

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Invest in a reusable face cloth


Make the switch to a reusable face cloth like the Face Halo, £7. With nothing more than a splash of water, the special fibres of this cloth peel away makeup and it can be machine washed up to 200 times.  

Choose bamboo or paper-stemmed cotton buds

This one is a no brainer. Plastic-stemmed cotton buds are expected to be banned in the UK by 2020, but now is the time to make the switch to biodegradable bamboo or paper-stemmed alternatives. Try Boobalou’s Bamboo Cotton Buds, £2.49 for 100 buds.


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