Poignant, creative and clever tattoos


Long gone are the days of tattoo options being limited to a Chinese symbol meaning peace* or a flower on your hip. 

In fact, tattoo artistry these days is big business and the skill and creativity involved means the internet is awash with creative, clever, poignant and meaningful inkings.

So if you are after some tattoo inspiration look no further. Whether you're looking to declare your love for a favourite book or remember a loved one in a subtle and personal way, these gorgeous markings should provide some inspiration. 


* you hope! 

  • "I refuse to sink" anchor tattoo

  • Delicate wrist tattoo

  • Maya Angelou quote tattoo

  • The last heartbeats of a loved one in a tattoo

    "Dad's last three heartbeats."


  • Love tattoo

  • Peter Pan tattoo

    This tattoo is Geovana Martinez's first tattoo. It's a reference to Peter Pan and where to find Neverneverland - "the second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning". 


  • Ruler and notepad tattoo

    "This is my ruler and notepad tattoo. I believe that tattoos can be used for functionality as well as memory. I’m a designer, so I use the ruler for buttons, zippers, and trim widths. Usually the notepad has an address or to-do list on it." 


  • Nan's tattoo

    "my great grandmother- who is dead now, used to have a small scar on her wrist, everyone wondered what it was from, eventually she admitted she used to have a cross tattoo there, but got it removed. I think its amazing. And also amazing that my great nanna had a tat! but sad she felt like she had to get it removed"


  • Still beautiful body tattoo



  • "Stay True" tattoo

    Joel Robison got this tattoo as he uses sign language regularly in his job and everyday life.  His tattoo is written in sign language and means 'Stay True'. You can read more of his story here.

  • Mother's soundwaves tattoo

    Alexander Hong decided to get the soundwaves of his mum saying 'hi' after she passed away. Read more about his story here.

  • A tattoo to commemorate a tumour


    "yeah some of u didnt know of my new tattoo. It's just a snap but i wanted to show u guys because i love, love , love it. choose it coz u can see a bigger scar under it; i had a tumor there"


  • Petit Prince tattoo

    "You have great truths within you."


  • Harry Potter tattoo

    While Harry Potter might not come to mind immediately, this tattoo represents the beginning of each chapter in JK Rowling's popular series. 



  • Swedish smile tattoo

    "Little wrist tattoo saying “le”, which means “smile” in Swedish, “happiness” in Chinese and “laugh” in Norwegian."


  • CMYK tattoo

  • Arrow tattoo

  • Shakespeare tattoo

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