Chrissy Teigen's press-on nails are the next best thing to a gel manicure

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If your nail art skills aren’t quite as impressive as your manicurist’s, press-on nails could be the answer.

With nail salons across the UK closed due to coronavirus, most of us have had to learn how to do a proper manicure and paint job at home. Of course, our art skills aren’t akin to masterpieces and so, many people, and even celebrities, are turning to press-on nails instead.

One celebrity to get in on the action? Chrissy Teigen. The model and presenter posted a series of Instagram Stories praising press-on nails and telling fans that they “changed her life”.

“It looks just like my nails did before all of this”, she says in a video. She goes on to thank Patricia Yankee, a celebrity nail artist, who’s press-on nail line Teigen is using. Yankee’s press-on nails come in an assortment of shapes and colours, and Teigen is using the (now sold-out) Veil style

A day later, Teigen posted another video telling fans, “This truly changed my life. I shaped them a little bit with a file but they act like totally good real nails.”


Ariana Grande is another celebrity that has been enjoying press-on nails during lockdown. The singer posted a picture of a press-on nail set on Instagram Stories, thanking @bettyinacherry, the freelance nail artist who sent them to her. While the nail artist’s Instagram account is private, they recently set up an alternative account called @nailanatomy (which we’ll be keeping an eye on for future nail inspiration).

In the picture Grande posted, she is wearing a set of almond-shaped nails herself - all of which are decorated with a pearlescent cloud-effect. Other nails in the set include rectangle-shaped nails with heart-shaped holes on the tips.

Ariana Grande posted this picture on Instagram, showing her new press-on nails.

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If you aren’t gifted with the skill of creating meticulous nail art like your manicurists, the high street is filled with press-on options decorated in fun designs, making it the easiest way to get close to a shellac manicure.

Additionally, wearing press-on nails is also a great way to support your local nail salon. Some nail arts, have started selling pre-painted press-on nails to help them retain some business during the health pandemic.

If your local nail artist isn’t doing this but you want to support them, it’s still possible. After signing it off with your manicurist, simply buy a packet of press-on nails but get them delivered directly to their preferred address. You can then discuss different nail art options, which your manicurist can paint on for you before sending the nails back to you. This way, you can still support your manicurist by paying them for their skills (and save yourself from having to wear a questionable paint job).

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