Queen Elizabeth has been wearing this high street nail varnish since 1989

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Kayleigh Dray
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It turns out the phrase “fit for a queen” can now be applied to our beauty haul, as it’s been revealed exactly which brand and shade of nail varnish Queen Elizabeth II herself prefers to paint her royal nails with.

As, in yes, the actual Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Queen has more power in her little pinky finger than most, so it makes sense that she is extremely methodical when it comes to taking care of her nails. As such, she’s made sure to stick to the same polish since 1989 and it’s available to us mere commoners for just £7.99.

That bottle is Essie’s iconic Ballet Slippers.

An eternal favourite of manicurists and fashion stylists alike, the award-winning shade is a classic pale pink with a subtle, sheer finish – just light enough that it won’t show through the Queen’s famous white gloves.

(You didn’t think it was going to be neon yellow, did you?)

According to the Essie website, the brand discovered her fondness for the shade in 1989, when the Queen’s hairdresser sent the company’s founder, Essie Weingarten, a letter requesting a bottle.

In the letter – signed with the official royal seal – it was revealed that Ballet Slippers was “the only colour Her Majesty would wear”. Which suggests that she could have been having her manicurist paint her nails with the stuff (and presumably paying for it) since long before then.

As if that weren’t enough to convince royal fans to buy a bottle (or five), Kate Middleton has also given the nail polish shade her seal of approval, wearing it for her wedding to Prince William in 2011, no less.

Essentially, it’s the official nail polish of the Royal Family, so if you want to perfect your own royal wave, pick up a bottle here.

Images: Rex Features/Essie


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