Quick and gorgeous day-to-night hairstyles you can do in the office

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We've all been there, rushing to meet a friend after a full day at work and struggling to switch up our hairstyle in the limited cofines of the office toilet cubicle.

Luckily, there is a multitude of beautiful hairstyles that can be crafted quickly and easily when you're short of space and time. From braids and twists to ponytails and buns, you can jazz up any look in a matter of minutes and a couple of bobby pins and hair ties.

Here, have compiled a list of the ultimate hairstyle tutorials to take you from day to night.

  • Simple Dutch braid

    It looks complicated but once you get the hang of it, you can twist your hair into a Dutch braid like a pro in less than three minutes. Find a great tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Twist

    An elegant look perfect for almost any occasion, this quick style can be achieved by twisting two small sections of your hair towards the back of your head and pinning in place. See more at bridal blog Once Wed.

  • Milkmaid braid

    We love a good braid for a quick day to night hair fix. Try this tutorial from Love Taza.

  • Rolled chignon

    Rolling your hair up is easier than it looks! Get the tutorial for this beautiful look at Once Wed bridal blog.

  • Big bouffant

    To get extra height in your hair, the trick is to create a mini bun underneath the bouffant. See more at the Modcloth beauty blog.

  • Ponytail twist

    A super easy but sophisticated take on the classic ponytail, this look simply requires a bit of hair twisting. Get the full tutorial from Cup of Jo.

  • Fake fishtail braid

    We love a good fishtail braid but sometimes they can be a bit tricky to do, particularly if you're short on time (and space!) This look involves separating a ponytail into segments and pulling it through your hair bands. See the full tutorial at Free People.

  • Summer braid

    Get this thick mermaid-worthy braid in a flash by French braiding a side section of your hair and joining it into a larger plait at the top of your neck. There's a great tutorial on Treasures and Travels.

  • Jumbo ponytail

    A jumbo ponytail is the ultimate look for when you want to pull your back. See how to create the style at un'ruly.

  • Braided chignon

    Simple but beautiful, this braided chignon is guaranteed to get you a few compliments. Find the video tutorial (it's only one minute long!) at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Sleek updo

    A sweet look that takes less than a minute to do, this updo is just a ponytail with a bit of clever pinning. Get the tutorial from Barefoot Blonde.

  • Classic top knot

    An elegant, timeless look that takes less than two minutes to create. See the tutorial at Cup of Jo.

  • Knotted ponytail

    Get creative with your side ponytail and add in a quick double knot. See how at The Beauty Department.

  • Free People

    Have you ever wished your hair went into a longer ponytail? There's a trick for that! Simply create a second ponytail under your first one, lower down on your head, and conceal with the top pony. See how at Free People.

  • Half up knot

    This is a messy but cool look that works perfectly on slightly dirty hair that has more grip. Simply pull back two sections of hair and knot, then secure with a few bobby pins. See Treasures and Travels for a good tutorial.

  • Pompadour

    The sweet look can be achieved with a bit of backcombing and a few bobby pins. All you need to do is pin the front sections of your hair up and voila! See the full guide at Beauty Tutorials.

  • Easy twisted pony

    As the title suggests, this ponytail is easy to craft. The skill is in how you secure it with bobby pins - for the full tutorial, see The Beauty Department.

  • Half up braided cown

    To achieve this look, simply braid two sections of hair and pin at the bottom of your head. Voila! Get the full tutorial at Treasures and Travels.

  • Pinned back braid

    Sometimes even just a small braid at the crown of your head can make all the difference. Get the video tutorial at un'ruly.

  • Asymmetrical twist

    This quick and easy look is really just a side pony twisted up into a bun. Simple yet effective! Get the full tutorial at Modcloth.

  • Upside down braided bun

    If you fancy giving this look a try, simply flip your head downwards and braid your hair upwards from the the neck then secure in a top knot. Simple but beautiful! We love the tutorial here on Barefoot Blonde.

  • Waterfall braid

    Surprisingly easy to create, a waterfall braid is all about the twists. See a great tutorial over at Kayley Melissa.

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