QUIZ: Which environmentally-friendly ingredients work for your skin and the planet?

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Finding ingredients that work for your skin without harming the environment doesn’t have to be a faff. Take our quiz to find the perfect ones for you…

We’re all on a mission to make sure our skincare is working hard for us without being hard on the planet. But the truth is, it can be a minefield.

With ingredients lists longer than our arm and endless scientific jargon it can be tricky deciphering what’s helpful and what’s harmful.

To help do some of the heavy labour we’ve formulated a handy quiz to decipher which eco-friendly ingredients you need in your bathroom depending on your skin.

Question 1/5

It’s shower time. How hot are you cranking up the temperature?

Question 2/5

How do you feel about scented products?

Question 3/5

How strict are you when it comes to moisturising your body?

Question 4/5

Which skincare label do you tend to reach for?

Question 5/5

How many skincare products are in your bathroom?

Whoops! You missed something.

What did I miss?

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