QUIZ: How ethical is your beauty routine?

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As ethical beauty keeps gaining momentum, we look at how your beauty routine holds up…

Just as we’ve all felt the frustration of stumbling across an item that’s inexplicably triple-wrapped in plastic, we’re all guilty of falling into bad habits when it comes to beauty.

Sometimes it can feel like you have to spend hours label-reading and researching to stock up on beauty products you can use with a clear conscience.

Take our quiz to find out how your make-up fares.

Question 1/6

How important is packaging when it comes to your beauty products?

Question 2/6

Do you look for ingredients that are responsibly sourced?

Question 3/6

Is animal testing something you consider?

Question 4/6

How natural are your beauty products?

Question 5/6

What do you do with your products when you’ve used them up?

Question 6/6

How important is it for your beauty brands to have a cause?

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