Quiz: What skincare is right for your skin type?

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Whether you were once told you had combination skin and haven’t checked again since, or you don’t have a clue and reach for any ‘normal’ skincare products, we’ve taken out all the guesswork from discovering your skin type - and the products you need for it…

It’s pretty pointless trying to choose skincare products without even knowing what your skin needs. 

You’d never bake a cake without a recipe, and your complexion is much the same – it has its own unique composition and will respond better to tailored suggestions.

Taking our quick quiz can help you find the best options for your skin, from cool indie brands to tried-and-tested gold standard products.

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You get 5 treats personalised to your needs straight to your door - what could be better? 

Question 1/6

When you wake up in the morning, does your skin look fairly matte or rather shiny?

Question 2/6

Do you find some areas of your face feel almost tight and dry?

Question 3/6

Do you have any patches of flaky dryness?

Question 4/6

Do any skin characteristics get worse after a hot shower, bath or exercise?

Question 5/6

How often do you get breakouts?

Question 6/6

How well does your skin tolerate thick creams?

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