Say hello to the Hob- 2018's biggest hairstyle

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Roberta Lister
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While the slightest muttering of ‘new year, new you’ has the ability to send us to sleep for a week (we’re doing just fine as we are, thanks very much), one January transformation we can get on board with is a bold new haircut.  Meet the Hob-  set to be the most requested look at the cutting chair. 

The power of a huge hair transformation is second to none – few beauty rituals have the ability to lift us out of a style rut as a radical change to our crowning glory. So, forget the tiny trim or subtle highlights, as 2018 is the year to be a little braver and embrace the bob.

This year we’re talking about the true,classic, heritage bob-the hob, in all its jaw-grazing forms, no shoulder-grazing Lobs and definitely no asymmetric Pobs– this is the timeless, iconic statement length. Beyoncé is already leading the charge with her curly, full-fringe style and we’re predicting a slew of copy-cats. “The bob is set to be a standout style for 2018” explains Sam Burnett, Owner and Creative Director of London salon Hare & Bone. “Although, it never really left – this style has always been known as one of the most classic, timeless styles. 

So, how does 2018 look for this iconic hairstyle? “We are seeing a resurgence of stronger, shorter cuts that differ from the softer, longer styles of 2017” explains Burnett. “Women are taking more risks when it comes to their hair as a form of their self-expression, with sharper, bolder and riskier bobs. Think more graduation through the nape of the neck, bold heavy fringes and sharp lines.”

Ready to take the plunge? We asked Sam to break down the key new iterations of this timeless style, so you can find the one that works for you – and know how to ask for it in the salon. 


“Ask for a curly bob that’s heavy on the ends and has width, this adds structure and strengthens your jawline.”

The secret weapon: Moroccanoil Curl Cleansing Conditioner, £26.85

This new, no-lather formula is designed to cleanse the hair while maintaining the integrity of your natural curls. Argan, jojoba, and tea tree oils deliver a heavy dose of moisture to ensure maximum shine and bounce. 


“If you’ve got naturally fine, straight hair like Emily Ratajkowski, try a sleek, straight bob with an angular, structured shape. To create a definite shape, ask your stylist for some graduation in the nape area.”

The secret weapon: Davines’s OI Oil, £33.40 

The key to an ultra-sleek style is all in the nourishment. An oil is your best bet for delivering deep hydration, reducing frizz, and creating a glassy shine. Blended with Amazonian roucou oil, this lightweight formula is one of the best.


“The full fringe as seen on Vanessa Hudgens works best with medium-thickness hair types and can be used on a variety of textures, from straight and soft to wavy or curly hair.”

The secret weapon: Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm, £18

It pays to proceed with caution when using styling products on a fringe – a heavy hand can leave it looking limp and lifeless. Instead, smooth this leave-in balm into damp hair to tame flyaways and prolong the life of your blowdry. 


“Textured layers can be easily tailored to the individual. Wavy or curly hair types like Jourdan Dunn with plenty of natural movement work best with this style.”

The secret weapon: Ouai Wave Spray, £22

A brilliant multitasker, this oil-infused styling spray will tame frizz, lock in curls, or simply add a little texture to air-dryed hair. As it’s formulated with rice protein instead of the usual salt, there’s none of that dry, crispy feeling, either.