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We fell in love with them on the page but which scents would literature's great heroines have adored? Stylist muses...

  • Belle D'Opium: Emma Bovary

    Spicy oriental florals would make men fall at Madame Bovary's feet.

  • Wild Berry Blossom: Catherine Earnshaw

    A blackcurrant heart echoing purple moors - perfect for the tragic heroine of Wuthering Heights.

  • Love In Black: Miss Havisham

    A dark heart of white violets for Great Expectations' scorned victim of love.

  • Lavender Palm: Juliet Capulet

    Soft and feminine but with hidden lavender strength. No wonder Romeo fell for her.

  • Live In Love: Emma Woodhouse

    Hyacinth, orangeflower and rose tinge romance with fickle curiosity for Austen's heroine.

  • Silk: Constance Chatterley

    Lusty scents of lingerie, linen and violet shout of "Take me!" - and lovers must do as Lady Chatterley desires.

  • Chanel No.5: Holly Golightly

    A ladylike floral with a unique twist - what else would she wear to have Breakfast at Tiffany's?

  • Agent Provocateur: Becky Sharpe

    Beguiling rose and a sexy, animalistic heart of spicy leather for seducing Vanity Fair's upper class gentleman.

  • CK One: Emma Morley

    Fresh and fruity notes of pineapple, mandarin and papaya scent the 90s backdrop of One Day.

  • Molecule 01: Lisbeth Salander

    Unique and ambiguous with masculine notes of wood, incense and lime for Steig Larsson's kick-ass heroine.

  • Delicious Candy Apples: Pollyanna Whittier

    Vanilla, candy floss, caramel and jasmine blossom further sweeten an eternally optimistic outlook.

  • Anais Anais: Clarissa Dalloway

    A complex white floral bouquet centred around the Madonna Lily for the introspective Mrs Dalloway.

  • Magnolia Nobile: Daisy Buchanan

    Vibrant with a decadent edge and in a beautiful Art-Deco-inspired flacon - just the ticket for Gatsby's glittering parties.

  • Shalimar Initial: Cleopatra

    Soft, oriental, voluptuous and speaking of carnal pleasures beneath rumpled Egyptian cotton sheets.

  • Mitsouko: Mitsouko Yorisaka

    Sensual and feminine jasmine, peach and bergamot hidden beneath a cloak of mysterious exotic spices.


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