4 benefits of a Japanese skincare routine

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Looking to shake up your skincare situation? It’s time to take inspiration from a little further afield…

While Korean beauty may have stolen the spotlight in recent years, Japanese beauty (or J-Beauty) has long been considered the epitome of skincare products. 

While it might be new to some, the Japanese have been up on their skin regimes for decades. 

It’s a nation steeped in tradition and rich in history, much of which has laid the foundations for their current beauty exports.

For example, the core tenet of Japanese Beauty is based on building a simple but purposeful routine based on innovation, that has maximum impact -  which neatly aligns with Japan’s ethos to most things. 

History lesson aside, what can it do for you? 

Well, it could help pare down your routine to the most efficacious of essentials, while also helping you achieve your glowiest skin yet. 

Here’s what you need to know…

  • 1. It's the ultimate practise in radiant skin

    Fun fact: according to market researchers Mintel, Japanese consumers spend an average of £94 per year on facial skincare compared to £38 for colour cosmetics.

    For context, that’s the complete opposite of what a UK consumer does (£20 spent on facial skincare per year as opposed to £38 per year on colour cosmetics). 

    The upshot? The focus of a good Japanese skincare is on getting skin so radiant that you don’t need to bother with foundation if you don’t want to.

    Sure, make-up is a choice and it can be a whole lot of fun, but there’s also something deeply smug about feeling #NoFilter ready all the time.

  • 2. It exposes you to supercharged natural ingredients

    Despite being synonymous with cutting-edge science, botanical extracts are just as important to Japanese skincare. 

    J-Beauty puts a lot of stock on natural ingredients, which makes sense, given the quality of produce available on home soil.

    From yuzu to jabara fruit, you’ll find plenty of exotic components in your Eastern-inspired routine.

    Shiseido’s celebrated Ultimune range is a case in point - both the Power Infusing Concentrate and Power Infusing Eye Concentrate use a special ingredient taken from the Reishi mushroom and Iris Root to help strengthen the skin’s barrier and help promote better healing. 

    Essentially, it helps your skin repair itself while also adding hydrating and working on those bothersome signs of tiredness, like a tired complexion and dark circles.

  • 3. You don't need a million different products

    While the products required by a K-Beauty regime can often extend into double-figures, Japanese skincare tends to be more efficient. 

    Serums, essences and gel creams are all staples in Japan, and plenty of J-Beauty products use a bi-phase or two-step method within one product to give you double the benefits. 

    By incorporating active ingredients that work to repair and protect your skin in fewer steps, Japanese beauty products act to simplify your routine and clear out vital cabinet space at the same time.

    Perfect for fans of minimalism and multi-tasking. 

  • 4. It can help you get that 'glass skin' look

    The so-called “glass skin” trend of having a complexion so juicy it almost reflects light started in Asia.

    And while you could try and cheat it with highlighter, a Japanese beauty routine will let you build it from the ground up.

    Shiseido Benefiance Revitalising Treatment Softener contains a unique proprietary blend of hyaluronic acid which can hold one thousand times its own weight in water.

    Aside from just hydrating, all that extra moisture plumps up the skin and make it better reflect light, giving you a healthy, radiant finish. 

Kick-start your new Japanese skincare regime by shopping the Shiseido range in-store at John Lewis & Partners or online.