Best body exfoliators for brighter, softer skin that doesn't feel irritated

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Body exfoliators are often associated with harsh formulas, however, the latest innovations on the high street not only leave skin brighter but nourished, too.

You may pay a lot of attention to a face-focused skincare routine in order to make it glow, but what about the rest of your body? While you may be content with a daily wash, indulging in the gritty formula of a body exfoliator can do wonders. At least, that’s what I found while spending more time at home this year.

Taking the time to massage an exfoliator around your body not only leaves you with softer, glowy skin, it’s a moment of self-care. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that when we experience touch on our skin, our brains release a neuropeptide called oxytocin, which results in positive thoughts and feelings.

The high street is filled with lots of great options, too. Now that microbeads are banned, there are lots of formulas filled with ingredients that will slough away dulling dead skin cells without leaving your skin feeling like it has been rubbed raw. 

Here are the best body scrubs that will buff away dry and dead skin cells – particularly handy now that winter is rearing its frosty head.

Best body exfoliators, picked by the Stylist beauty team

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